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The East African Fund Incorporated (EAF) represents the Australian support base of The School of St Jude. Established by Gemma Sisia in 1999, EAF was founded so that The School of St Jude would have a solid legal foundation in Australia to support the work in Tanzania. EAF is registered in New South Wales and was granted full tax deductibility by the Australian Government effective July 1st, 2014.


For The School of St Jude to be a fully developed and sustainable school community, working to alleviate poverty through education and therefore breaking the cycle of dependency on external aid. 


To embrace and support The School of St Jude in its mission, working in partnership to ensure its long-term sustainability through guidance, monitoring and capacity building. 

EAF keeps costs to a minimum such that more than 98 cents in every dollar collected from supporters goes direct to the school. Through EAF, Australian based supporters provide over ninety per cent of all funds donated to support the school.

Financial Report

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Notice of Special General Meeting - May 2, 2017

Updated East African Fund Constitution

Board of directors

  • Mark Cubit

    Mark Cubit


  • Gemma Sisia

    Gemma Sisia

    Deputy Chairperson

  • Robin Vargo

    Robin Vargo


  • Rita Harris

    Rita Harris


  • Sarah Henry

    Sarah Henry


  • John Bailey

    John Bailey


  • Shean Gannon

    Shean Gannon


  • Nicholas Rice

    Nicholas Rice


  • Kim Saville

    Kim Saville


  • Noela Phillips


  • Cindy Skarbek

    Cindy Skarbek


Ian Skippen
From 3 students 10 years ago to 1600 today it is a credit to everyone who has walked through those gates. What a remarkable team they make. The students, the teachers, the admin staff, volunteers, bus drivers, kitchen staff, security, gardeners all have a hand in writing this unfinished work, punctuated with passion. Ian Skippen, Radio personality, Queensland, Australia

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