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Gemma Sisia

Founding Director

Gemma is the Founder and driving force behind St Jude’s and set up the school in 2002. Gemma’s mottos are to fight poverty through education and that education is a right not a privilege.

Business Leaders

  • Victoria Thomas

    Finance Manager

  • Violet Muro

    HR Manager

  • Joseph Lymo

    Joseph Lymo

    IT Manager

  • Amani Mandia

    Maintenance Manager

Fundraising Leaders

  • Angela Bailey

    Beyond St Jude's Manager

  • Charlotte Peyrat-Vaganay

    Community Relations Manager

  • Elizabeth Benedict

    Donor Relations Manager

  • Felix Mollel

    Visitor Manager

  • Susie Bridle

    Communications Manager

Primary School

  • George Stephen

    George Stephen

    Head of Primary Campus

  • Sebastian Gitbang

    Sebastian Gitbang

    Academic Master

  • Jonas Michael

    Jonas Michael

    Academic Deputy

  • Reginald Mongi

    Reginald Mongi

    Welfare Deputy

  • Elizabeth Lyimo

    Elizabeth Lyimo

    Primary Committee Chairperson

Secondary Campus

  • Nestory Msoffe

    Acting Head Master

[Translated] The best thing about working at St Jude’s is the friendly environment, the team that we have from the cleaners to the business office, the teachers and the students. I feel like I am part of one big happy family and that is enough reason why anyone would love their job. Joyce, Askari (guard), St Jude’s Sisia Campus

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