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International Women’s Day at St Jude’s

As the school bell rang, hundreds of female students rushed to the Smith Secondary assembly hall, packing out the front rows, eager to get the best view of the assembly dedicated to celebrating th.. Read on 

A Note from Gemma

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! My calendar is filling up fast, the wheels are in motion and it’s thrilling to think that in less than one month, Godwin, our 2.. Read on 

Daring to Dream

One happy family: Getruda (left), her mother and younger sister are all excited for the beginning of a new chapter. Getruda is seven years old, she dreams of becoming a doctor. She lives .. Read on 

A Bright Future in Fighting Poverty

Generations of St Jude’s: Einoti (left) and Christina (right) are at different stages of their educational journey. Einoti started at St Jude’s just one month ago, while C.. Read on 

Godwin Going Down Under

The journey of a lifetime: Godwin is excited to venture out of Tanzania for the first time ever. Godwin can’t wait to tell you about how receiving a free, high-quality education at .. Read on 

Looking Forward While Giving Back

In 2016, the Beyond St Jude’s team announced a partnership with the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP). The program provides fully-funded scholarships for Sub-Saharan Africa.. Read on 

Meet Lina, a Born Teacher

While most students spend their school holidays taking a well-earnt break from study and catching up with friends and family in their home communities, Lina, a current Form 6 student, .. Read on 

A Gift to Last a Lifetime

With Giving Tuesday almost upon us, we are calling upon all people of goodwill to help create lasting change for our students. You are giving a gift to support St Jude’s .. Read on 

Form 4 Celebration and Awards Day

Saturday October 13 marked a significant education milestone for 151 students who have successfully reached the end of their O Level scholarship at St Jude’s. Reaching th.. Read on 

Progress for One is Progress for All

In October 2017, we introduced you to Jenifa, a then-Form 4 student who represented St Jude’s at the Women and Girls in Science workshop hosted by Nelson Mandela University. .. Read on 

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