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Progress for One is Progress for All

In October 2017, we introduced you to Jenifa, a then-Form 4 student who represented St Jude’s at the Women and Girls in Science workshop hosted by Nelson Mandela University. .. Read on 

Driving Force Behind Student Selection

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes at our Student Selection Days? The opportunity to attend The School of St Jude is a highly competitive process. Scholarsh.. Read on 

Garden of Hope for Graduates

Kevin first visited The School of St Jude with his wife, Mary Beth, in 2004, when only a few dozen students were enrolled. They had met Gemma’s brother, Dan, on safari in So.. Read on 

Winrose Lights the Way

In 2017, Winrose wowed St Jude’s supporters all over Australia when she accompanied Gemma Sisia on her annual fundraising tour. With grace and humility, Winrose spoke to .. Read on 

The Best Journey of my Life

I came to St Jude’s for my first enrolment test 12 years ago, and I remember it as though it were yesterday. The year was 2006. I dreamt of wearing the beautiful navy blue school.. Read on 

Jill's got Fundraising in the Bag

Jill is a long-time supporter of St Jude’s who has used her skills to address a local challenge, serve the environment and raise funds for St Jude’s. Recently, the .. Read on 

Amani's Living the Dream

Amani started at St Jude’s in 2005 when he was 10 years old. Throughout his schooling, he was well-respected by staff and students alike, and although he graduated from Form 6 in.. Read on 

Sights Set on Sebastian's Success

Sebastian earned his academic scholarship to St Jude’s at the end of 2013 and started in Preparatory class at Sisia Primary Campus the following year, eager to learn and par.. Read on 

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