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Sustaining the Fight Against Poverty

It was a spectacular night —144 of our graduates gathering in celebration and recognition of where they have come from, where they are now, and where they are going. The .. Read on 

Introducing our Deputy Director

There are few stories as compelling as Angela Bailey’s. Since day one, she has been involved with every significant ‘first’ for St Jude’s. As an intrepi.. Read on 

Best Friends Until the End

Students in St Jude’s newly-formed Marketing Club have unearthed some special stories about 2018’s graduating class. In the first of several articles, Zulfa describes the l.. Read on 

Spoken Word for the Unheard

Dozens of secondary students took to the stage on International Women’s Day to advocate for gender equality through speeches, song and dance. One Form 5’s reading of an original p.. Read on 

International Women's Day at St Jude's

Each year on March 8, International Women’s Day is commemorated globally. It presents an opportunity for people to celebrate the contribution females make to society, to stand in.. Read on 

St Jude's Super Supporters

To celebrate the new year, we’d like to thank some of our amazing fundraisers and advocates who are helping us change the lives of 1,800 students. Keith and.. Read on 

Bridge to a Bright Future

In 2015, the Beyond St Jude’s program launched its first Community Service Year. A handful of bold sponsors and 50 graduates put their trust in this new program, enabling The School .. Read on 

Cause for Hope: St Jude's Day 2017

An air of promise and hope hung in the Sisia primary campus hall at our annual St Jude’s Day celebration on Friday October 27. More than 2,000 staff, students, visitors a.. Read on 

The Future Depends on the Present

Last month, we shared stories of sustainability, from our investment in a school farm and the cultivation of conservation education, to the empowerment of local staff and our stewardsh.. Read on 

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