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You Can Help Break The Poverty Cycle by Sponsoring a Student Today

Your sponsorship provides a student with educational materials, school and boarding uniforms, hot nutritious meals as well as a safe, clean living environment with reliable electricity and water – everything required for a successful education!

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Interested in supporting our St Jude’s graduates on to higher education? Find out how you can sponsor a graduate through their Community Service Year or contribute to a Tertiary Scholarship.

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Running a school and supporting the learning and well-being of more than 1,800 students is a big job! Your donation keeps our school safe, well-maintained and helps fund emergency needs and special projects.

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Every year St Jude’s gives scholarships to promising students who would not be able to finish school because their family is trapped in extreme poverty. Students are encouraged to apply at different year levels – from early primary school to the final years of high school. We provide a free, high-quality education that regularly ranks in the top 10% in Tanzania so students are equipped with the skills to become leaders in their communities. By sponsoring a student here at St Jude’s you can help break the cycle of poverty for them and their family through the gift of a high quality education!

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