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Why visit St Jude’s?

Every year we welcome up to 1,500 visitors to St Jude’s in Arusha, Tanzania. Visitors see first hand the impact that people from all over the world have achieved together and how that has resulted in a school of three highly resourced campuses that is changing the lives of 1,800 students, over 250 staff and their families. St Jude’s offers visitors safe, comfortable accommodation on site. Our dedicated Visitor Team will assist with your personal itinerary and ensure that you have an experience like no other. A bonus of course is that Arusha is the gateway to some of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world including the Serengeti Plains, Zanzibar and Mt Kilimanjaro.

Here for a visit?

Download the Visitor Handbook to find out everything you need to know to have a pleasant stay at our school.

School Activities

All visitors are encouraged to take part in the day-to-day life at St Jude’s.  A member of our four person visitor’s team will accompany you as you participate in a school-based itinerary offering a variety of activities - whilst not Impacting the day-to-day education of our students.

Sample activities

  • Tour of Lower and Upper Primary Sisia Campus
  • Interactive class visits to art, music, PE or library
  • Sample traditional Tanzanian lunch with our students and staff
  • Attend a weekly assembly (on specific days only) and watch dance and music performances 
  • Visit one of our student’s homes
  • Ride on one of our colorful school buses as it drops the students home
  • Tour of Smith Secondary Campus at Usa River
  • Tour of Moivaro Boarding Campus and experience a day in the life of our boarding students

Home visits

Home visits are a once in a lifetime experience, giving you the opportunity to see and experience firsthand the difference St Jude's has on the lives of our students, their families and the wider community. Be sure to let us know if you sponsor a student so you can visit their home. Please note, you will be accompanied by a trained staff member of St Judes on your home visit. For more information about home visits, please see the Visit us FAQ.

Sponsors and donors

All visitors who are sponsors or donors will have time to meet their teachers or students, visit boarding rooms, travel on their sponsored bus or find out exactly where donations have been used.


St Jude’s can provide accommodation to visitors who participate in a school based itinerary. Although accommodation is available on the weekends and public holidays, there are no students on campus at this time and staffing is limited. Therefore, to maximise your visit and truly experience life at St Jude’s we encourage you to arrange your visit during weekdays. We are more than happy to advise you about alternative accommodation in Arusha. After making arrangements with the visitor team you will receive a draft itinerary that will be tailored to the length and nature of your visit. A maximum stay at St Jude’s is 7 nights; most people stay 3 nights.

View sample rooms

How to make a visit

If you are planning a visit to The School of St Jude please contact our Visitor Team.

Rotary and St Jude’s

Since 2002, St Jude’s has been a registered Rotary Australia World Community Service project and Rotarians continue to live up to their motto of ‘service above self’ through their passionate involvement. Read more about Rotary’s involvement .

Our students would love to see you!

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