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Graduates taking responsibility

FORM Six graduate Suleiman remembers the moment when he had to step up and become a leader in the visitors’ team. The aspiring doctor chose to spend this year in our Visitors’ team.. Read on 

Meet ‘Captain Victor’

Have you met Victor? You should! Victor is a master of languages; at age 8, he is top of Standard 1 (Grade 1) in English and Kiswahili. He is also number one in computer class and science!.. Read on 

Celebrate Tanzania's diverse culture

Our students explored their cultural roots with boundless energy, making our sixth annual Cultural Day an event to remember. Held at our Usa River campus, the colourful celebration featured a .. Read on 

Countdown Until First Ever Graduation!

For 13 years we have been working towards this day - the day we commemorate our first Form 6 graduates leaving behind their school teachers, school books and school uniforms and heading into .. Read on 

Climbing Kilimanjaro for St Jude's

Today, nine people will drive from St Jude’s Sisia (Moshono) Campus and head east towards Africa’s tallest mountain and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro.. Read on 

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