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The Sydney 2014 Corroboree

In this pictorial edition of Corroborree we will be featuring all of the highlights from the Sydney Convention 2014. The Convention provided attendees with various different events and activities .. Read article 

The School of St Jude, Tanzania

She has transformed thousands of lives by providing education in a society where education is a privilege for most, and along the way, created jobs for over 400 local Tanzanians. In recognition of.. Read article 

Speaking tour for St Jude's

The Rotary Club of Walcha hosted about 70 people for dinner at the Walcha Bowling Club last Tuesday to listen to Felix Mollel and his experiences with The School of St Jude in Africa. Mr Molle.. Read article 

Snapper focuses on Africa

Photographer Simon Scott is preparing for a trip to Tanzania with his 10-year-old son. The Armidale snapper will will travel to the School of St Jude, founded by Guyra woman Gemma Sisia, with h.. Read article 

Learning about The School of St Jude

Felix started working at the school as a bus driver in 2005, and is now the visitor coordinator. The children were all mesmerized by the stories that Felix shared with us. He talked to the childre.. Read article 

The gift of an education

When Gemma Sisia witnessed the overwhelming number of Tanzanian children living in poverty and missing out on a good education back in 2002, she set out to build The School of St Jude. The Austra.. Read article 

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