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Current issue

Issue 08, 2019

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In this issue
  • A Headmaster's Hope - going the extra mile for new Form 5s
  • Alumni Spirit - 246 St Jude's graduates regroup
  • Tailoring a better future - an insight into St Jude's uniforms

Previous issues

Issue 06, 2018

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In this issue
  • Sebastian, a student with albinism, goes from strength to strength. 
  • Torrential rains tore down our boundary wall!
  • 2016 graduate, Amani, proves the impact of a St Jude's scholarship.  

Issue 05, 2018

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In this issue
  • Stanford Scholar, Alex, becomes first St Jude's graduate to sponsor!
  • Janelle, Timuana and Clorinda share a mother's love for 2018 graduate, Denis.
  • Catch up on the celebrations from Form 6 Graduation. 

Issue 04, 2018

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In this issue
  • All the action from Science Exhibition!
  • Meet St Jude's winners of Young Scientists Tanzania.
  • Student sponsorship is changing lives - find out how. 

Issue 03, 2018

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In this issue
  • Liberia shows us the immeasurable worth of a mother.
  • Meet our new Rotary Specialist, Laura. 
  • Yasintha in Form 5 is a poet who knows it! 

Issue 02, 2018

No media download found. In this issue
  • Russell teaches students about Indigenous culture. 
  • Staff spotlight on Mr Kashia. 
  • Irene and Wens, Beyond St Jude's interns, talk all things CSY. 

Issue 01, 2018

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In this issue
  • Join in with Uniform Day 2018!
  • Edgar wins the Children's Climate Prize.
  • Find out what it's like to work at St Jude's.

Issue 11, 2017

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In this issue
  • Our graduates change lives in government schools.
  • All the action from St Jude’s Day 2017.
  • Rehema and Jackson are our new school captains!

Issue 10, 2017

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In this issue
  • Laura Brown, InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief, is a proud new sponsor!
  • Student selection 2017 opens  a world of opportunity.
  • Jonas is an Academic Leader with an artistic eye.

Issue 09, 2017

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In this issue
  • American Chris-mas — the start of a friendship as sweet as apple pie!
  • Gift That Keeps Giving — the 'Gift' of an education is a great one, just ask him!
  • Safari Meets Super Standards — all aboard our yellow bus fleet for the school excursion of a lifetime!
  • High Five for Form 5  — our new Form 5s take their first steps towards a bright future!

Issue 08, 2017

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In this issue
  • Stamping out poaching—meet our conservation club
  • Valentina’s way—work, life and love at St Jude’s
  • Look how far we’ve come— hope and change side by side

Issue 07, 2017

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In this issue
  • Women supporting women on an issue that affects us all
  • Edgar the inventor named International Young Eco-Hero 
  • Our pioneering graduates reflect on a year in university

Issue 06, 2017

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In this issue
  • Take a leap with new staff member, Maddie.
  • Our American Friends bring home the joy of sponsorship.
  • From Adelaide to Amsterdam check out our super supporters! 

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