Supporter Accountability

We are committed to providing high standards of accountability to our sponsors and donors

The School of St Jude values transparency and accountability. We believe we have a great story to tell.

We are proud to keep our supporters informed about our school, students and teachers, capital investments and other projects via our newsletter and other updates.

Every year, The School of St Jude is independently audited in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Our 2016 audit was conducted by Ernst & Young, one of the world’s largest and most trusted international auditing firms. The East African Fund (EAF) is our Australian fundraising body and is responsible for all funds raised in Australia. All donations through our website are made to the EAF.

  • The EAF board monitors School finances on a monthly basis.
  • Two of the EAF members sit on The School of St Jude Board in Tanzania, an entity that has statutory governance over the management of the school.
  • The EAF is audited annually by Roberts & Morrow, Armidale. Click here for the audited financial reports.
  • More than 98.5 cents in every dollar raised in Australia is directed towards The School of St Jude.
The School of St Jude strongly believes in accountability and has put in place safeguards to prevent money ending up in the wrong hands. Theses controls are constantly being reviewed and improved in line with best practice.
As per our Memorandum of Understanding The School of St Jude and The East African Fund share mutual responsibility to: 
  • Ensure that, where applicable, donated funds are expended on behalf of donors in an efficient and cost effective manner and for the purpose for which such funds were donated.  The funds are to be used for development purposes and never for welfare, evangelical or partisan political activities.
  • Plan for the long term financial stability of the school so that its continued growth and sustainability are assured for future generations of students; to this end the Future Fund was established in 2016, to underwrite the long term future of the school.
  • Carry out the function for which the school was established, that is, solely for the relief of poverty through the provision of education for the children of Tanzania. 

We are always happy to respond to any questions or requests for information from supporters.

Simply, contact us with your queries.

Financial reports

Please contact us for a copy of our latest audited annual financial report

[Translated] The best thing about working at St Jude’s is the friendly environment, the team that we have from the cleaners to the business office, the teachers and the students. I feel like I am part of one big happy family and that is enough reason why anyone would love their job.

Joyce, Askari (guard), St Jude’s Sisia Campus