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Gemma Sisia

Founding Director

Gemma is the Founder and driving force behind St Jude’s and set up the School in 2002. Gemma’s mottos are to fight poverty through education and that education is a right not a privilege.

Deputy Director

Angela Bailey

  • Business Leaders

    • Rachael Hewes

      Donor and Sponsor Relations Manager

    • Happy Malinzi

      HR Manager

    • Joseph Lymo

      Laurian S Mrema

      Facilities Manager

    • Sarah Harrison

      Community and Social Impact Manager

    • Johnbosco Heshima

      Finance Manager

    Academic Leaders

    • Nzinyangwa Mcharo

      Nzinyangwa Mcharo

      Academic Manager

    • Isaka Silomba

      Isaka Silomba

      Primary Head Teacher (Acting) 

    • Elimringi Nyange

      Girls Secondary Headmaster (O Level)

    • Erespidus Fikiri

      Erespidus Fikiri

      Secondary Headmaster (O Level & A Level)

    Parent Involvement at St Jude’s

    The School of St Jude is a success story not only because of its governance and hardworking staff but also its extended community of parents and guardians. The school strongly encourages parent involvement and is fortunate to have one parent representative on each of the school committees and boards. There are also six dedicated Parent Leaders who oversee a larger committee of approximately 50 volunteer Parent Representatives. These representatives are voted in by the school community to act as spokespeople for all parents and guardians of St Jude’s students.

    Parent Representatives Duties:

    - Visit St Jude’s families in their area of representation at least twice per year.
    - Act as a link between parents/guardians and the school.
    - Inform school leaders of any student related issues occurring in school or at home and mediate when necessary.
    - Assist student selection by visiting the home of prospective St Jude’s students.
    - Help to find foster homes for students in need.
    - Ensure parent/guardians abide by the parent expectations, which are signed by all parents on a yearly basis.
    - Ensure parents/guardians are rostered to be at the school bus stops for pick up and drop off.
    - Organise parents/guardians to volunteer their time at the school.

    At St Jude’s I am able to interact with people from different backgrounds so in the future I will be able to interact with people from different societies. I hope to one day become an accountant and an entrepreneur and also to maybe do designing. Kudra, St Jude's 2015 graduate

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