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The first decade of The School of St Jude (2002–2012) was a period of huge growth and rapid change. In the second decade (2012–2022) St Jude’s will be evolving, consolidating and continuously improving.

It will be educating up to 2000 students each year, from Grade 1 to Form VI, across three campuses. It will employ over 500 local staff, will be predominantly run by East Africans, and will provide boarding for up to 1500 students.

We are working towards becoming a Centre of Excellence for teaching and learning at primary and secondary levels, and will be helping its graduates to realise their aspirations. Graduates from St Jude’s will be respectful, responsible, honest and kind citizens, gainfully employed, capable of trustworthy leadership in their communities and at the national level, and will be giving back to the school and their communities.

St Jude’s will be seen as a model for fighting poverty through education, and will be contributing to the improvement of teaching and learning across Tanzania.

Smith Campus dedication
Smith Campus dedication

Our goals for the next five years

  1. Establish St Jude’s as a Centre of Excellence for primary and secondary education.
  2. Establish a sustainable business model for the school and all its activities.
  3. Plan and implement the professionalisation and localisation of roles and positions.
  4. Expand the school support base beyond Australia and beyond sponsorship.
  5. Complete the building, curriculum, staffing and student intake needs for Forms V & VI
  6. Establish a support system for St Jude’s graduates to pursue post-secondary learning.
  7. Establish efficient, effective and transparent management structures and processes.
  8. Facilitate and assist improvements in teaching and learning in Tanzania.
Diane Ward
I love my work as an ESL Instructor at St Jude’s. The classes are lively and the teachers are keen to advance their English skills. It is so rewarding to know that by helping to improve the teachers’ level of English it will in turn help the many children they teach. Diane Ward, former ESL volunteer, Christchurch, New Zealand

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