American Appeal 2021

Because of you, all this is possible.

The impact The School of St Jude is having reaches far beyond the classroom. It ripples through our students, their families, and the wider community and it’s all #becauseofyou.

We provide free, quality education to 1,800 bright primary and secondary students who come from considerably poor backgrounds. We provide them with everything they need for a successful education, ensuring our students' well-being and future success.
Through the Beyond St Jude’s Program, we also support hundreds of graduates with access to higher education and provide more than 20,000 government school students with volunteer teachers each year. Located across three campuses, we provide boarding for all secondary students and employ around 300 Tanzanian staff.
Your support matters now more than ever
Because of you, all of this is possible, but as our school grows so does our need for support. We are losing sponsors because of COVID-19 and the halt of international travel. There is now an increasing gap between students and sponsors. We need your support to help fill this gap and cover the cost of our students’ and scholars’ scholarships.
You can help to cover costs for our unsponsored students and scholars by making a donation below. Or, if your circumstances allow, you can become the sole sponsor of a student’s or scholar’s academic scholarship, creating ripples of hope for them and their family.
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Fill The Gap
Nearly 40% of our students are not fully sponsored. Your donation, no matter its size, will have a direct impact on the education and well-being of our unsponsored students. You will help fill the gap and cover costs in areas we need it most.
Sole Sponsorship
You can provide free, quality education for one of our primary or secondary students by becoming the sole sponsor of their academic scholarship.
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BSJ Sole Sponsorship
You can change the world for one our graduates by becoming the sole sponsor of their tertiary scholarship. You will cover their accommodation costs, higher education fees and provide them with learning resources.
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# Because of you, all this is possible...

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Because of you... our secondary students are beating the odds!

Want to make a bigger impact?

You can support the sustainability and longevity of St Jude’s by donating towards our major projects and funds. A larger donation could cover the cost of our solar water heaters for students boarding houses or provide enough science and sporting equipment for a year, there’s always an area that needs your support.
You can even help us fill our ever-growing sponsorship gap by sponsoring a large number of primary, secondary or tertiary scholarships. If you are looking to make a major impact with a donation of more than US$5,000, email our Founder, Gemma Sisia, directly to see how we can best use your generous donation.