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The School of St Jude is an education institution, entirely funded by charitable donations, that provides free, high-quality primary and secondary scholarships to 1,800 of the poorest and brightest students in the Tanzanian region of Arusha.

We are seeking a creative and energetic individual to fill the position above based in Arusha, Tanzania at The School of St Jude.          


  • To be responsible for sourcing equipment, goods and services and managing vendors.
  • The successful candidate will be able to assist to perform strategic procurement activities across multiple categories of spend, search for better deals and find more profitable suppliers.

Key Responsibilities & Tasks 

  • Assists in overseeing the purchasing of food and supplies at various locations around Arusha on a daily basis for all campuses.
  • Conducting risk assessment and coming up with internal control measures on inventory management and the entire procurement process.
  • Assist to overseeing and conduct general shopping as required for other Departments of the School.
  • Sourcing competitive suppliers based on quality, price and efficiency for all sections of the School.
  • Conduct procurement audits in accordance with internal controls and general professional procurement practices.
  • Assist in Sourcing new suppliers and comparing prices.
  • Conducting regular supplier reviews to ensure value for money and quality supplies.
  • Ensuring accurate purchasing data on a daily basis, captured and processed accurately before it is submitted to accounts payable office.
  • Create contracts where appropriate and assist in preparing and implementing tenders as need arises.
  • Setting up goods receiving departments at all campuses.
  • Managing the goods receiving process.
  • Perform monthly inventory valuation of all store items in main and sub location stores as per guidance from the Accounts.
  • Assists to oversee other purchasing staff reviewing their work regularly.
  • Assist in conducting regular reviews of pricing and making sure the school is getting the best available price.
  • Managing stock inventory in the school, across all campuses and all departments and reviewing usage of inventory. 

Other Duties

  • Periodically suggest improvements to the departments’ procedures and submit to supervisor for approval.
  • Participate in House Checks as requested by Community Relations team.
  • Participate and support fellow staff in school mission related activities such as all School Celebration Days throughout the year.
  • Participate in student selection process, in particular working after hours on rest days and public holidays up to 20 Saturdays per annul.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by Head of Department, Manager and Deputy Director and the Employer. 

Key Result Areas

  • Ensure all purchasing requests are completed within an appropriate timeframe.
  • Ensure all accounts and other documentation is clear, concise and completed in the agreed timeframe.
  • Maintain relationships with existing suppliers and source new suppliers for competitive prices.
  • Process improvement.Assist with forecasting and forward planning.Implement bulk purchasing where appropriate.
  • Making sure all stock goes through good received and ensuring suppliers deliver on their promises.
  • Improve inventory controls for each campus and each department.

Qualifications & Key Attributes

  • Bachelor degree in procurement, supply chain and logistics, must be CPSP qualification as recognized by PSPT Board, Master’s degree in the relevant field will be an added advantage.
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills both oral and written.
  • Proficient in use of MS Word and Excel.
  • Good at managing a team effectively and efficiently.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and to react with common sense and urgency if required, to solve purchasing problems.
  • Hard working, focused, patient and tolerant.
  • Fit and healthy.
  • Excellent time management skills, ability to work well under pressure and think on your feet.
  • Possess strength and drive, patience and tolerance and practicality whilst being efficient.

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