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St Jude’s is committed to supporting the community and provides employment to around 300 Tanzanians and a number of international staff members. All current job opportunities are advertised here. Please note that we only accept applications for advertised positions.

Due to Tanzanian visa requirements and school policy we are unable to accept short-term volunteers. If you want to see St Jude's in action, why not visit us! St Jude’s can arrange visitors safe, affordable accommodation for you. Our dedicated Visitors Team will assist with your personal itinerary and ensure that you have an experience like no other. A bonus of course is that Arusha is the gateway to some of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world including the Serengeti Plains, Zanzibar and Mt Kilimanjaro.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQs or contact our HR team today. 

Vacant positions

Position Application closes Length
Communications Officer
Apply Now 24 month minimum commitment preferred
Digital Marketing Officer Apply Now  24 month minimum commitment preferred 
Head of Marketing Apply Now 24 month minimum commitment preferred
Executive Assistant Apply Now 12 month minimum commitment preferred

Apart from my subjects that I learn every day in class, St Jude has taught me one big lesson in life and that is giving back. I want to study hard, finish school, get a job and give back to St Jude, so the school can continue to educate my brothers and sisters. Jamal, St Jude's student
Apply by 15 May 2017

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