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The School of St Jude is a pioneering leader in charitable education within Africa. We are giving 1,800 students free, high-quality education, 100’s of graduates higher education and 10,000+ Tanzanians quality teaching each year.

We are seeking a visionary, social impact specialist to record how The School of St Jude is fighting poverty through education for our students and their communities in Tanzania.

We see change every day, and every month we tell our supporters around the world the stories about how it’s happening. Now it’s time to have someone on the ground here in Tanzania who can put the serious data together so we can keep planning for the sustainability of our school.

Are you a social measurement and evaluation analyst with a passion for community development and a strong interest in NGOs? Apply now.

Key Responsibilities


  • Design a longitudinal social impact study to assess and report the success of The School of St Jude in achieving its vision and mission.
  • Determine the evaluation framework and develop a Theory of Change, evaluation methodology and tools for collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting quantitative and qualitative data about St Jude’s social impact.
  • Contribute to strategic and long-range goal planning by participating in workshops and meetings as directed by C&SD Manager.
  • Contribute to the preparation of the annual budget by calculating annual expenses for implementing the social impact study.


As instructed by C&SD Manager:
  • Implement the longitudinal social impact study for St Jude’s academic scholarship program and Beyond St Jude’s program.
  • Build relationships with Academic and Business leaders, and department teams, to facilitate the collaborative implementation of the social impact study.
  • Work collaboratively with the Community Relations team to develop and maintain close networks with community based stakeholders to facilitate the collection of data for the social impact study.
  • Prepare a range of documents including proposals, business cases, analysis and business reports.
  • Source, record and analyse information and data for inclusion in Annual Reports, governance and marketing documents.
  • Work collaboratively with the Marketing team to provide content for print and digital communications materials including reports, brochures, fact sheets, case studies, newsletter articles, social media posts, videos and podcasts relating to the social impact study.
  • Support departments to develop processes and procedures for effective data collection and recording as part of the social impact study.

Database and record-keeping

  • Liaise with Database Coordinator and Head of IT to develop and implement management and IT systems for ensuring consistent, high-quality data collection, management, analysis and reporting.
  • Ensure data entered into the CRM database and other data recording systems is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Identify training needs and conduct training with data collectors and recorders to ensure effective data collection and record-keeping for the social impact study.
  • Maintain awareness of security procedures in regard to storing, recording and transferring data in accordance with St Jude’s privacy and child protection policies.

Monitoring and Review

  • Develop key performance metrics and evaluation methodologies for social impact measurement activities.
  • Work with various teams to integrate social impact metrics into team reporting and utilise results in proposals and communication materials.
  • Collate monthly progress and annual reports about social impact measurement activities the C&SD Manager.
  • Monitor budget and report progress to C&SD Manager.
  • Monitor, review and update strategies, plans, processes and procedures as required, and at least annually in October.

Continuous Improvement

  • Keep updated with current social impact measurement trends that may positively influence operational improvements
  • Identify opportunities for strategic and operational improvements based on knowledge gained through measuring social impact.
  • In collaboration with managers implement agreed improvements.
  • Always look to develop new and innovative ideas to engage supporters and improve supporter engagement, retention and renewal.


  • Periodically suggest improvements to the departments’ procedures and submit to supervisor for approval.
  • Participate in House Checks as requested by Community Relations team.
  • Participate and support fellow staff in school mission related activities such as all School Celebration Days throughout the year.
  • Participate in student selection process, in particular working after hours on rest days and public holidays up to 20 Saturdays per annum.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by Manager and Founder.

Skills and Required Experience

  • Degree or Masters in Impact Evaluation or similar evaluation qualification.
  • Demonstrated high level of conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills and proven ability to successfully apply them to social impact measurement.
  • Demonstrated high level written, verbal and visual communication skills including ability to create compelling communications materials and reports.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team to facilitate collaborative implementation of social impact measurement initiatives.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage competing priorities and meet critical deadlines to achieve KPIs and adhere to budgets.
  • Ability to plan, implement, monitor, report and drive continuous improvement of team activities and initiatives.
  • Ability to provide mentoring and training for colleagues.
  • Good computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook).

Attributes you need to be a successful St Jude’s staff member

  • Be flexible, open-minded, and tolerant and appreciate the complexities of working in a rapidly growing charity in a developing country.
  • Have a passion for our mission and a strong desire to make a positive difference performing a variety of tasks; from the mundane to the fun and interesting!
  • Energetic, consistent and dedicated personality.
  • Work well independently and as part of a team of Tanzanian staff and international volunteers.
  • Have good emotional and physical health and the energy and drive to take on new challenges.

What we can offer you

  • A local wage that will allow you to live comfortably in Arusha – a vibrant gateway to Tanzania’s world-famous national parks.
  • International Employees Benefits Package including: house benefit allowance and access to basic, furnished on-campus accommodation (WiFi included); plus contract completion bonuses.
  • Mid-morning tea & lunch (during working days)
  • Opportunities for career development.
  • Welcoming community of international and local employees.
  • 28 days annual leave.

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