Long-time Sponsor’s Words of Wisdom

Robyn's stirring speech inspires students.
Robyn's stirring speech inspires students
Robyn's stirring speech inspires students.

Robyn has been sponsoring an academic scholarship for Form 4 graduate, Zahra, since 2009. She recently came all the way from Queensland to Arusha, to attend the Form 4 Graduation in April and shared some inspiring words with our student. Read her full speech below.   

Today it is my honour to speak on behalf of all sponsors, donors and supporters.

With the free high quality education that is being provided [at St Jude’s] you all have an equal opportunity to aim high and achieve your dreams.  St Jude’s vision is to educate future leaders of Tanzania and for communities to work towards self- sufficiency and independence.

This one chance in your life is made possible by the generous support of your sponsors and donors who have made a commitment to make a difference.

Proud as punch: Robyn was ecstatic to meet Founder, Gemma Sisia, and see Zahra graduate from Form 4.
Proud as punch: Robyn was ecstatic to meet Founder, Gemma Sisia, and see Zahra graduate from Form 4.

Sponsorship, to my mind, is an investment in your futures for improved living standards and opportunities.  Not only do you have the benefit here at StJude’s of a top class education, you have the added bonus of nutritious meals provided daily, clean water, annual medical check-ups and top class resources.

Fighting poverty through education is a two way thing. Not only is there a commitment from your sponsor, you have a responsibility as a scholarship recipient, to not take anything for granted, but see it as an opportunity to grow and bloom. Allow yourself to dream and with hard work and perseverance anything is possible.

Speaking for myself, I made a decision some 10 years ago that I wanted to make a difference and I’m here today to witness my sponsor student graduating.

Donors and supporters also play a major role in the success of St Jude’s. To sponsor a student is a financial sacrifice, but a worthwhile investment.  The gratification is to know the difference it will make for your futures, if you work hard to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Heartsong: Robyn's speech was well-received by St Jude's students, visitors and staff.
Heartsong: Robyn’s speech was well-received by St Jude’s students, visitors and staff.

Being a Form 4 Graduate here today, is the culmination of 10 years of study. The next chapter of your lives should be about giving back to your families and wider communities. I know this is already happening in part through the Beyond St Jude’s program.

I wish you well with the next two years of study here at Smith Secondary Campus and I hope you will always have gratitude for your sponsors, donors and supporters who have come together to make that difference.

I congratulate you all. Please show your appreciation through acclamation.

Sponsorship changes the lives of our students and their families. Become a sponsor today.

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