Looking Forward While Giving Back

Learn about the partnership giving graduates their wings.

In 2016, the Beyond St Jude’s team announced a partnership with the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP). The program provides fully-funded scholarships for Sub-Saharan African high school graduates who come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds and has so far awarded 12 scholarships to St Jude’s graduates.

Suzanne, the program’s Director of Scholar Search and Selection, works with Beyond St Jude’s each year to interview prospective St Jude’s Community Service Year interns, nominated by the Beyond St Jude’s team for MCFSP scholarships. 

“Scholarships like those provided by Beyond St Jude’s and MCFSP are often a game-changer for students who don’t have the means to attend university,” Suzanne said. 

“The goals of MCFSP and St Jude’s clearly overlap — investing in, nurturing and mentoring young people who can return to their community and drive change.” 

“We give our first year scholars the opportunity to run a Community Action Project (CAP), which gives Scholars a chance to identify an issue in their community and come up with a creative way to address the problem. The project should directly serve a sub-set of their community.”

“Both Amani and Winrose — members of St Jude’s Class of 2016 and MCFSP Scholars — did CAPs in their home communities last summer with funding from us,” Suzanne explained. 

Meet St Jude’s prospective MCFSP Scholars for 2018! These intrepid graduates were nominated to interview for the scholarships based on their academic diligence and community spirit. 

Loyce, 22 years old
Loyce, 22 years old

“I have been nominated to study a Bachelor of Health Service Management at the African University of Mutare in Zimbabwe. I am excited because it is a great opportunity to gain exposure, meet new people and tell them about Tanzania. I will also be able to give back to my community.”

“My dream is to be successful in supporting the needy people of my community, and my own family.” 

Catherine, 21 years old
Catherine, 21 years old

“I have been put forward to study a Business degree at the United States International University Africa, in Nairobi. I love diversity, I like meeting new people, learning about new cultures and through this scholarship, I will see the world from a different angle.”

“The best thing about the MCFSP program, is their, “go back, give back,” philosophy. This means they will support us to return to our homes and contribute through community service. This aligns with St Jude’s philosophy – it is fulfilling to work to serve others.”

Erick, 20 years old
Erick, 20 years old

“I hope to be going to the University of Botswana to study a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance. I want to be an accountant and auditor.”

“I am so excited because I will learn about the policies of another country and I will bring skills back to Tanzania. My dream is to establish an industry that will provide employment opportunities.” 

Godwin, 21 years old
Godwin, 21 years old

“I am nominated to attend the University of Rochester in New York City, studying a Bachelor in Electrical and Computer Engineering.”

“I see that this scholarship assures I will acquire the specific knowledge and necessary skills to solve challenges facing my community. My dream is to work hand in hand with the government to enlighten the communities of Tanzania. The community should look towards the light, not focus on the darkness of the night. We must look towards development.” 

Amina, 20 years old
Amina, 20 years old

“I have applied to study a Bachelor of Public Health. I hope to gain worldwide knowledge through going to university. I would like to have a positive impact on my country. I also hope for the chance to expand my network of friends, explore a new culture and exchange new ideas.”

“In 10 years, I picture myself being a successful self-employed business woman. I want to join hands with others and work towards creating strong female leadership by supporting women in business within Africa.” 

You can help us empower our graduates by spreading the word about St Jude’s and our students’ success!

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