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The First Graduates

It’s a milestone that was envisaged when St Jude’s was founded in 2002 and became a reality when the first batch of students completed their secondary school education in 2015. Here, four Te.. Read on 

To Walk Majestically

A smoky mist hangs over the school grounds, as often seen after a fireworks display, only this particular mist is coming from a busy kitchen. The air is humid, carrying extra weight. This.. Read on 

Faces Full of Hope

A stone's throw away from The School of St Jude's original building, stands a crowd of people. They chatter quietly amongst themselves, anticipation rife. It is the morning of the .. Read on 

A Woman in the Midst of Men

Madam Irene closes the door of her office and climbs the stairs. She is on her way to teach her first ever class at St Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School. One of the youngest teachers at St .. Read on 

Another first for St Jude's

Outside the gates of St Jude’s stands a crowd of people. Today is Selection Day for Standard 7 students who are vying to enter St Jude’s in Form 1, the start of secondary school. Whe.. Read on 

Lessons from Bibi

The sun is peaking through the clouds after a long week of rain. Pouring through the gates of Smith Secondary Campus are hundreds of parents, siblings, guardians and one particularly proud Bibi (g.. Read on 

Being a teacher, and a friend

The bell rings and Mr Victor Polepole ushers his Form 3 students into the Chemistry lab, waving his arms with more enthusiasm than a plane marshall at an airport – "welcome, welcome, welcome!" .. Read on 

Meeting Alice

“Welcome to our project,” says Stephen, gesturing with a smile towards a table showcasing his science project: a computer and a model of a house. “It’s known as ‘Alice’, the home optimisation syst.. Read on 

A Headmaster's Hope

Over the past 17 years, word that St Jude’s is creating the future leaders of Tanzania through a free, quality education has spread far and wide. It even reached the tiny office of the He.. Read on 

A Reader Today, A Leader Tomorrow

US President Harry S. Truman famously once said, “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” As St Jude’s Standard 1s learn to read and explore their first stories, they are taking.. Read on 

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