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A Reader Today, A Leader Tomorrow

US President Harry S. Truman famously once said, “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” As St Jude’s Standard 1s learn to read and explore their first stories, they are taking.. Read on 

An International Perspective

Standing in the departure hall in Kilimanjaro International Airport, Catherine and Erick, St Jude’s graduates from the class of 2018, are about to embark on an educational experience of a lifetime.. Read on 

Making History

2019 will see a much anticipated, major milestone for The School of St Jude. 24 tertiary scholars, supported by the Beyond St Jude’s (BSJ) program, are giving themselves the best chance of a brigh.. Read on 

A Rite of Passage

“Hold on, take a moment to celebrate. There is music in the wind, let’s dance one more time. There’s a rhythm deep within, let’s dance one more time. One more time, sing a song, we will reme.. Read on 

When Dreams Become Reality

Bursting with pride and tears welling in his eyes, graduate Evance describes what finishing secondary school means to him and his family. “We have always dreamed about this day and now it.. Read on 

Sky’s the Limit

For as long as 15-year-old Dastan can remember he’s dreamed of soaring high. His ambition to become a pilot started from studying picture books under a kerosene lamp – his family didn’t .. Read on 

The Making of a Leader

Making the time: Mr Mcharo during his class teaching Form 1 students. As the lunchtime bell rings, Mr Mcharo concludes his Form 1 physics lesson by confirming homework with students an.. Read on 

Aiming for A's

Test time: Students undergo up to eight exams. Students and staff have entered one of the most testing times of the school year this month, putting pen to paper for the midterm exams. .. Read on 

New Form 1s - Sky’s The Limit

A Bright Future: New Form 1 students thriving at St Jude's. Eager new secondary student Thobali has a very personal reason to study hard after joining The School of St Jude this year. .. Read on 

Form 2's Ace Exams

Happy students: Edwin (left), Lightness (center) and Samson (right) are all very excited about their results. Exam results are out for our Form 2 students and the hard work and di.. Read on 

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