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Form 6 results impress

The results from our first ever Form 6 national exams have been released and the achievements are inspiring. Years of dedication has paid off for our incredible students, who all passed.. Read on 

The benefits of sponsorship

While visiting The School of St Jude for our recent graduation, Australians Julie and Kevin Smith shared their experience about sponsoring new graduate Amos and Form 3 (Year 9) Student Faith. &.. Read on 

Inaugural graduation exceeds expectations

It was 13 years in the making, and it lived up to the hype. Supporters from around the world flew to Arusha on Saturday to celebrate The School of St Jude’s first ever Form 6 graduation... Read on 

The beginning of a new era

There had to be something special happening at St Jude’s to lure our very first teacher back. Australian volunteer Angela Bailey fondly remembers her first time living in the Arusha and .. Read on 

Meet St Jude's First Ever Form 6 Graduates

These are the names and faces that make up one of the biggest milestones in the history of St Jude's. Meet our graduating class, 61 students who, with the help our passionate supporters, have .. Read on 

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