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Determined to Make a Difference

There was an unexpected friendship formed during graduation week between Toowoomba supporter Marilyn and two of our graduates. Marilyn and her husband, David, had been sponsoring the scho.. Read on 

Overcoming the Odds

The path to The School of St Jude has been tougher than most for new Form 1 student, Edson. Born with ‘knock-knees’, his legs have grown angled inwards and the teenager is in pain with eac.. Read on 

Into the wild

Educational excursions: Form 2 students being taught about the national parks buffalos. Wide eyed Form 2 student, Marium, came within meters of a buffalo, a herbivore regarded as one of the.. Read on 

An Elephant Encounter

Surprise Visitors: The herd of elephants quietly roamed across Smith Secondary Campus. Difficult conversations about the important issues of elephant conservation were made a whole lot eas.. Read on 

Science Day Powers Forward

A new road: Njiro Secondary Student, Emmanuel John, showcases his environmentally friendly car demonstration. As the St Jude’s Smith Secondary Campus became a bustling exhibition for the a.. Read on 

International Women’s Day at St Jude’s

As the school bell rang, hundreds of female students rushed to the Smith Secondary assembly hall, packing out the front rows, eager to get the best view of the assembly dedicated to celebrating th.. Read on 

A Note from Gemma

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! My calendar is filling up fast, the wheels are in motion and it’s thrilling to think that in less than one month, Godwin, our 2.. Read on 

Daring to Dream

One happy family: Getruda (left), her mother and younger sister are all excited for the beginning of a new chapter. Getruda is seven years old, she dreams of becoming a doctor. She lives .. Read on 

A Bright Future in Fighting Poverty

Generations of St Jude’s: Einoti (left) and Christina (right) are at different stages of their educational journey. Einoti started at St Jude’s just one month ago, while C.. Read on 

Godwin Going Down Under

The journey of a lifetime: Godwin is excited to venture out of Tanzania for the first time ever. Godwin can’t wait to tell you about how receiving a free, high-quality education at .. Read on 

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