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Planting the Seed

When a student receives a free, high-quality education at The School of St Jude it helps lift their whole family out of a life of poverty and this is best illustrated by Form 6 student Alice’s fam.. Read on 

The Irene's of Tomorrow

Standing outside what will soon be the new girls' secondary school at St Jude’s, is a young woman and former graduate student named Irene. She is wearing a white t-shirt that says, ‘TAKE ME BACK T.. Read on 

Good afternoon, Mr Kephas!

“Good afternoon, Mr Kephas!” sing 25 seven-year-old students as one. They are sitting in the shape of a horseshoe, their feet dangling from wooden benches, not quite touching the ground. Mr K.. Read on 

Creating Change

Standing in front of his community leaders, elders, parents and peers with a strong message about eliminating early marriage from his village, St Jude’s graduate, Lomnyack, epitomises a leader dri.. Read on 

A New Chapter

Wearing his crisp, brand new uniform, Form 5 student William flashes a radiant smile as he admires the facilities at his new school. It’s his first day at St Jude’s, where he will spend the next t.. Read on 

Doing Dad Proud

Deep in one of the poorest and most densely populated parts of Arusha town, a St Jude’s student is quickly becoming a hometown hero. Admired for his determination and ability to overcome adve.. Read on 

Alumni Altruism

Standing in the middle of New York City, gazing up to Times Square Ball, St Jude’s graduate Enock knows he’s a long way from home. The charismatic graduate is about to commence his third year.. Read on 

Determined to Make a Difference

There was an unexpected friendship formed during graduation week between Toowoomba supporter Marilyn and two of our graduates. Marilyn and her husband, David, had been sponsoring the scho.. Read on 

Overcoming the Odds

The path to The School of St Jude has been tougher than most for new Form 1 student, Edson. Born with ‘knock-knees’, his legs have grown angled inwards and the teenager is in pain with eac.. Read on 

Into the wild

Educational excursions: Form 2 students being taught about the national parks buffalos. Wide eyed Form 2 student, Marium, came within meters of a buffalo, a herbivore regarded as one of the.. Read on 

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