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Three Generations of Giving

Coordinating a family get-together can be tough in 2019 with competing schedules and commitments, but one longtime St Jude’s supporter decided to tempt his family with travel, inviting 11 of them .. Read on 

Finding the Right Path

A buzz filled the Smith Campus assembly hall as more than 50 supporters from Australian enterprise software company TechnologyOne helped steer 100 Form 5 students on the right career path. Eve.. Read on 

Time for a check up

Checking in: Doctors were responsible for checking every student. The student sat still, a stethoscope on their heart, an otoscope in their ears and an ophthalmoscope waved over the.. Read on 

Meeting the Maasai

Warm Welcome: Visitors were greeted by the Maasai children. *Mama Ngonahe quotes translated from Kiswahili and Maasai* Stepping off the bus, visitors were greeted with stark conditi.. Read on 

Godwin's First Taste of Australia

Intrepid Taster: Godwin bravely tries Aussie icon 'Vegemite'. Taste testing Australian icon 'Vegemite' by the spoonful, before embarking on a trip of a lifetime to its co.. Read on 

Striking Impact for Rotary Visitors

In 2010, Brian, a Rotarian from New Zealand, first visited St Jude’s in 2010 on a Rotary tour of Tanzania. The visit had such a profound impact on him that he and his wife, Shona, de.. Read on 

Handing Over the Rotary Wheel

Laura joined St Jude’s as our new Rotary Specialist in March, guiding the School’s EarlyAct, Interact and Rotaract clubs, which were founded by former Rotary Specialist, Se.. Read on 

A Double Take for Student Sponsors

Amanda signed up to sponsor an academic scholarship with St Jude’s in 2009. Almost a decade later, she and her mother, Jenny, made the long journey from Australia to Tanzania to .. Read on 

Joining Hands in a Common Cause

Some quotes translated from Kiswahili Janelle, Clorinda, Timuana and Octavia are uniquely bonded by their shared devotion to one of our 2018 graduates, Denis. Janel.. Read on 

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