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Loyce: Visitor Team Intern

Loyce - Visitor Team Intern 

How has your first job as a St Jude’s intern improved your life? 
“You meet different people here, it gives me a lot of experience, how to work in a group and how to work in a team. I have learnt discipline from working, learnt how to manage deadlines, how to conduct yourself in a work environment and how to overcome challenges. Most of all I’ve been able to give back to my community and school and say thank you for all the years they gave to me.” 

Erik - Geography Teacher Intern at Government School

How is your internship, and first year in the workforce, making a difference to the community? 
“In Tanzania lots of government schools are lacking teachers so I’ve got the opportunity to make a big difference. For most of the students here their English is a problem, so that is a challenge I have come across. There is a big difference from The School of St Jude and government schools, the materials for teachers aren’t nearly as good, class numbers are around sixty students and some classes don’t even have a teacher.”

Lengashe - Visitor Team Intern

How is your community service internship helping prepare you for the workforce?
“This job is helping me prepare for the workforce as before I was not confident to speak in front of people that I have never met but now that is not a problem. Everyone is supporting me, anytime I have a problem I go to them and they help me. I love educating the visitors that come here about The School of St Jude. I have had the chance to learn more about the cultural and language differences with visitors from all over the world and that will only help me professionally. It is a privilege to give back to St Jude’s and I hope through the information I give our visitors it will encourage more sponsors to join our community.”

Amina - Boarding Parent 

What made you want to give back to St Jude’s with your community service year?
“I have never had a job before but now I am like both a teacher and parent. I take all the responsibilities with those roles. It means a lot to me and prepares me to be someone that is really hard working. I look forward to work each week but the biggest challenge is managing the students so they are achieving and happy. It is a good tactic to help me be ready for the workforce and it is equipping me to make positive changes in my community.”

Shariff - Mathematics Teacher Intern at Government School

What challenges have you come across in your Community Service Year?
“I am getting new skills about how to communicate with people from all ages, because before this I struggled with that. To stand up in front of a class full of students only a few years younger than me is a challenge but I have found a great new confidence.Before St Jude’s and my internship life was tough and now I want to give back.” 


MARY WOODBURNE commented on 01-Mar-2019 11:42 AM
So pleased that St Jude's is giving their graduates a one year internship.

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