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Big hit: Rebel and her sister Annachi with Enoch, Rahel, Anna and Joseph, enjoy a baseball game at LA's Angel Stadium, home to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The hard-working St Jude's 2015 graduates students earned the LA trip, paid for by and enjoyed with Aussie actress Rebel Wilson, for their outstanding time volunteering during our Community Service Year.  

Four of The School of St Jude’s most dedicated community service graduates are enjoying the trip of a lifetime, thanks to school ambassador and Hollywood star Rebel Wilson.

The Australian-born actress has shown her generosity by paying to bring four of the Tanzanian school’s highest achievers to America, where she treated them to a cultural tour which included a VIP visit to Disneyland, a live baseball game, tickets to her Hollywood Bowl performance and much more.

Rahel, Anna, Joseph and Enock come from impoverished families and earned scholarships to receive a free, high-quality education at The School of St Jude.

The quartet is part of an extraordinary inaugural graduating class that showed its gratitude by volunteering in local communities through the Beyond St Jude’s Community Service Program, which has reached more than 10,000 students in under-resourced government schools.

Rebel, who is St Jude’s official ambassador and a long-time student sponsor, said a trip to “the happiest place on earth” was a perfect way to reward these generous young graduates.

“When I was younger my grandmother brought me to California and apart from being amazingly fun, it opened my imagination as to what was possible in my life,” Rebel said of their adventure.

“Not only have these students shone academically but they have also completed a whole year of community service, teaching children in their respective villages.

“This is a fun, cultural trip that I personally wanted to provide to these talented students before they start university later this year.”

American vacation: Joseph, Rahel, Rebel, Anna and Enoch behind the scenes at The Hollywood Bowl, where Rebel played villain Ursula in Disney's The Little Mermaid live show.

Rebel also paid to bring Beyond St Jude’s Manager Angela Bailey, who said the hardest part was selecting just four students of the 50 who participated in the Community Service Program.

“The 50 St Jude’s graduates who volunteered to share their high-quality education through a year of community service before going on to university have all made such a valuable impact,” Angela said.

“Many have gone above and beyond our expectations, so it was very difficult to only choose four who could be thanked in this very special way. Joseph, Anna, Enock and Rahel have had such a wonderful time seeing Los Angeles with someone who has supported our school for so many years, especially someone who has inspired by achieving her own dreams.”

Rebel said their adventure was “everything I had hoped for,” especially the VIP tours of Disneyland and California Adventure Park generously donated by Disney.


William MacDonald commented on 13-Jun-2016 08:56 AM
Kirk and I recently attended the 2016 St Jude's Graduation. We met Enoch as well as many other 2015 graduates. They were all amazing young people - confident yet humble, intelligent and all very keen to give back to their community. We agree that it would have been a very difficult task to select only 4 of these deserving young Tanzanians. We know it will be an experience they will never forget. Thank you, Rebel!

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