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Gift a sponsorship

If you’d like to give a sponsorship package, simply select the package and tick the 'gift this for a loved one' box when checking out.

Gift a donation

Make a donation on behalf of your friend. They will find out exactly what their gift has been used for at the school.

Education makes the best gift and St Jude’s now gives you the opportunity to purchase a sponsorship or make a general donation on behalf of a loved one.

When you purchase a St Jude’s gift for a friend you are making a positive impact on the lives of our students, teachers and staff and your loved one will receive a unique gift they’re sure to remember.

How it works:

Simply check the box ’gift for a loved one’ on any sponsorship option or general donation if you would like to make that purchase for a friend.

At the checkout, you will be asked to fill in their details and you can even include a personal message to them.

Your friend will receive an email with the details of their sponsorship or how the donation was used at St Jude’s.

You will be billed and receive a receipt and tax information.

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