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St Jude’s is Gemma’s own story about her life as a country girl in New South Wales, Australia. Find out how she founded The School of St Jude in Tanzania based on the belief that education should be a right, not a privilege. 

  • My First Day children’s book

    My First Day children’s book


    Our Primary school students wrote the stories that create this book. Reflecting upon their experience at St Jude’s from the first time they heard about the school, students describe everything from the selection process to the day they received their St Jude’s uniform and their first day of school.

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  • Ten year anniversary celebration book

    Ten year anniversary celebration book


    This book celebrates the past, explores the present and looks to the future of The School of St Jude. It is in recognition of the beautiful people, the challenging times and our first 10 years.

    2012. Softcover, 115 pages.

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