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Speaking events

It’s our amazing supporters who speak on our behalf who have had a powerful impact in shaping St Jude’s.

With St Jude’s tools and resources in hand, you’ll be prepared to tell your friends, family and colleagues all about our wonderful school. You just never know who you’ll be speaking to and how they might be able to lend a hand in the future.

We’ll provide:

  • A ready-to-go PowerPoint presentation
  • USBs and brochures to hand out to your guests

Connect with your local Rotary Club

Rotary Clubs worldwide have been instrumental in building and supporting The School of St Jude. Since 2002, St Jude’s has been a registered Rotary Australia World Community Service project and Rotarians continue to live up to their motto of ‘service above self’ through their passionate involvement. Read more about the relationship in this article

If you have a local Rotary Club, why not give them a call to see if you can speak at an upcoming meeting? We even have a special part in out speaking kit that advises about how to speak at your local rotary club and a specific Rotary PowerPoint presentation that you can use which highlights the history of their involvement.

Take the pledge and become a Friend

The Friends of St Jude’s are a dedicated group of people who commit to spreading the word for us. Becoming a friend is easy and it’s a great way to show your commitment to the fight against poverty. Friends are asked to sign a pledge to speak about St Jude’s on a regular basis. You can choose what commitment you make and we’ll provide you with all the tools that you need. You’ll receive a Friends of St Jude’s pack including t-shirt , speaking kit, DVDs, brochures and more.

Take the pledge  
At St Jude’s I am able to interact with people from different backgrounds so in the future I will be able to interact with people from different societies. I hope to one day become an accountant and an entrepreneur and also to maybe do designing. Kudra, St Jude's 2015 graduate

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