Mawimbi means more than hope for better job prospects for our alumni. The real impact of education starts today and ripples all the way into the future.
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The Mawimbi of your support to St Jude’s means volunteer teachers for over 100,000 government school students through our Beyond St Jude’s program. It means 97% chance of St Jude’s graduates attending higher education compared to an average of 8% nationally.

It means a 1:1 male to female higher education entrance – 28 times than the average in Tanzania. Upon graduating higher education, our alumni financially support two of their siblings’ education, helping breaking the cycle of poverty. It means one business started and eight people employed for every 10 BSJ graduates!

Can you see the Mawimbi?

Meet Cypriana a leading female entrepreneur

With almost 1,000 alumni, St Jude’s impact on the community is far-reaching. Equipped with practical knowledge and problem-solving skills, our alumni are leading positive change in their communities. 

Leading the way for young female entrepreneurs is our very own Cypriana! Follow her journey and see how she is transforming her community. 

Support our Alumni 

By sponsoring our alumni, you are supporting the education of government school students, tertiary education opportunities and the creation of jobs and businesses. And for a limited time, the value of your first sponsorship payment will be DOUBLED!

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So what is the true Mawimbi of your support of St Jude’s?

Our data shows that for each year a student is at St Jude’s they on average improved their income by 15%. That’s not hope for the future. That’s not the hope of better job prospects. That’s real impact. Today. Alleviating pressures at the core of the poverty cycle.

Dive in and explore the Mawimbi of our Alumni

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St Jude’s Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Around 20% of St Jude’s alumni are self-employed. Their business ventures have created new job opportunities in the community and innovative solutions to greater societal issues.
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