A valuable extension of our community

St Jude’s is a success story not only because of its governance and staff but also its community of parents, guardians and families. Like all parents, they provide support, wisdom and discipline for their children. In addition, St Jude’s expects and encourages parental involvement at school.

Our students’ parents volunteer within the school to contribute to their children’s free education and we are lucky to have a parent on each of the school boards. Other parents take an active role as Parent Representatives, or embrace leadership positions as Parent Leaders.

By working closely with our students' families, St Jude’s helps students to become future leaders.

Our Parent Leaders

Five dedicated Parent Leaders are elected to oversee the Parent Representatives. In this role, they chair Parents Committee Meetings and liaise with the Community Relations team. The Parent Leaders form an important link between St Jude’s staff and the entire parent and guardian community.

The Parent Representatives have a specific list of obligatory duties including:

50 elected Parent Representatives volunteer their time to represent the St Jude’s parents in their local area on the Parents Committee. These representatives have a list of obligatory duties including:
Visiting St Jude’s families in their area of representation at least twice per year.
Being a communication link between parents/guardians and the school.
Informing school leaders of any student-related issues occurring in school or at home and mediate when necessary.
Assisting with the scholarship application process by visiting the home of prospective St Jude’s students.
Helping to find foster homes for students in additional need.
Ensuring fellow parents/guardians abide by the parent expectations, which all parents sign yearly.
Ensuring parents/guardians are rostered to be at the school bus stops for daily pick up and drop off of day students.
Organising parents/guardians to volunteer their time at the school.