Community Service

St Jude's graduates giving back to their communities

Our groundbreaking Community Service Program lends a hand to understaffed government schools while helping our graduates gain valuable life skills. St Jude’s secondary school graduates can apply to take part in a

Community Service Semester (CSS) for Form 4 graduates or a Community Service Year (CSY) for Form 6 graduates, as one way of giving back in appreciation for the free education they received at St Jude’s.

They then share their gift of education with government school students as volunteer teachers or in non-teaching placements around St Jude’s campuses before beginning their own higher education.
Community Service volunteers finish with an abundance of experience and new life-skills as well as a certificate of appreciation from the Tanzanian Government which helps them with many future opportunities.

The program allows our graduates to personify the school’s vision and inspire many less fortunate, young Tanzanians to strive for a brighter future.
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Preparing our volunteers

Before starting their Community Service placement, all volunteers partake in Work Readiness Training at St Jude’s, facilitated by the Beyond St Jude’s (BSJ) team. This training equips volunteers with basic knowledge and skills they’ll implement during their placements. They learn about lesson planning, time management, budgeting, public speaking, patience and resilience,
and receive handy tips from some St Jude’s alumni.
CSY volunteers
The original Community Service Program, the CSY, began in 2015 for our Form 6 graduates. During Form 6, the final year of secondary school, students can apply to take part in a CSY for their first year out of school.

They volunteer as teachers in secondary schools, looking after their own classes and timetables and must plan their own lessons. It’s a big responsibility, but each year we see our volunteers rise to the challenge – some are even made heads of departments!

The challenges for our graduates teaching in Tanzania's under-resourced government schools are enormous: for instance, some CSY volunteers teach classes of up to 130 students.
Others volunteer within St Jude’s as teacher’s assistants, in administrative roles or as members of various Head Office teams and are valuable assets to the school, giving a unique perspective to students, employees and visitors.
CSS volunteers
The CSS began in 2020, for Form 4 graduates who are part of the Alternative Pathways Program (APP). They volunteer as teacher’s assistants in government primary and secondary schools, helping with sports, exam marking and other tasks.

The CSS starts in January and lasts between six and nine months, depending on the volunteer’s college course starting date.

Making a real impact

Since the program launched in 2015, our graduates have voluntarily taught over 85,000 students in government schools throughout Arusha and surrounding regions. Many of these students would have been without teachers in the critical disciplines of mathematics and science if it weren’t for these volunteers. As well as giving back, our graduates grow in confidence as they develop their leadership skills and become positive role models for our younger students.

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