Wills and Bequests

Make a legacy gift to St Jude's

Impact lives with your legacy

You can continue to support The School of St Jude into the future with a bequest in your Will.

Your bequest to St Jude’s will help the school to continue our mission of providing free, quality education to high-performing Tanzanian students from unprivileged backgrounds. This means supporting current St Jude’s students, and those who will commence their studies at St Jude’s in the future.

St Jude’s is incredibly grateful for the kindness of individuals who consider our mission when creating their Wills.

How to word your intention for a General Purposes Bequest

Including The School of St Jude, Tanzania in your Will is simple.

The following wording can be used by your solicitor to write a new Will or to add a codicil to your existing Will:

I bequeath to The School of St Jude, Tanzania through The School of St Jude Limited (ABN 53 620 147 775) – (fill in amount of cash, percentage or residuary of estate, details of property or shares)…

My bequest is to be used for the general purposes of The School of St Jude www.schoolofstjude.org through The School of St Jude Limited (ABN 53 620 147 775) – and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer or other proper officer shall be a complete discharge of the same.

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Questions & guidance

If you have questions about making a legacy gift to St Jude’s, Mark Cubit, the Chairman of our Australia-based board, The School of St Jude Ltd, is available to help and can be contacted on 0415 109 817 or emailed at mark.cubit@gmail.com.

Prepare Your Will Online

Should you choose to create your Will, St Jude’s has partnered with Safewill, an online will writing provider. You can easily establish a legacy that continues the fight against poverty through education in just a few clicks from the comfort of your home

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