Our community of graduates

Since the first graduating cohort in 2015, the number of St Jude’s alumni has grown to over 850 and continues to increase. Our graduates are actively demonstrating moral and intellectual leadership in community service, higher education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

97% of St Jude’s alumni go on to access higher education after secondary school, supported by Beyond St Jude’s or by other means. In addition, many alumni are now tertiary graduates, working within East Africa. Of these, 80% are working in crucial sectors to ensure Tanzania’s prosperity, including engineering, health, information technology, education, finance, and accounting. 20% are self-employed and have generated employment opportunities for over 150 people within their communities.

Many alumni are enrolled in higher education in Tanzania, while more than 30 are studying abroad. In addition, many alumni are now tertiary graduates, working within East Africa.
Obtaining a higher education qualification and engaging in entrepreneurial activities gives our alumni an excellent chance of securing stable employment for themselves and creating employment opportunities others. Employed and self-employed alumni continue to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Additionally, the incomes of students’ families have tripled over the course of their primary and secondary education at St Jude’s and, as a result, nearly 70% of our current graduates’ families have overcome extreme poverty.

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Where are they now?

The Alumni Association

The Alumni Association was established in 2018 as a way for graduates to stay connected to the St Jude’s community following their Form 6 graduation.

The Alumni Association of The School of St Jude exists to promote the mission, vision, educational and community aims of St Jude’s to our graduates. The association also provides opportunities for members to network, offer trainings and skills development, share employment opportunities and organise social activities.

Many alumni engage in voluntary service and fundraising activities to support St Jude’s and are proud members of the St Jude’s Spirit Program.
The Alumni Association of The School of St Jude exists to:
Promote the interests, values, mission, vision, educational and community aims of St Jude’s.
Provide opportunities for members to network and maintain a common bond.
Offer training, skill development and social activities.
Engage alumni in voluntary service and fundraising activities to support St Jude’s.

Alumni Committee

The Alumni Association invites St Jude’s alumni to nominate for a 12-month voluntary position as a member of the Alumni Committee. The committee meets regularly throughout the year and is responsible for assisting with alumni engagement, organising Alumni Association events, and providing feedback to St Jude’s Alumni team to ensure that the association is achieving its goals.
Meet our 2021 Alumni Committee Members
Class of 2015
Innocent graduated from university in 2020 with a Diploma of Heritage Management and Tourism, supported by Beyond St Jude’s (BSJ). He is currently employed in the BSJ team.
Class of 2019
Irene participated in the Community Service Year (CSY) at St Jude's in 2021. She is now in university supported by the Beyond St Jude's (BSJ) program.
Class of 2016
Charles is currently studying a Bachelor of Tax Management. He strives to unite alumni of all graduating classes. Charles encourages alumni to participate in events and stay connected.

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