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Share the St Jude’s story

Speaking events

The School of St Jude is so grateful to the people who spread the word about our school across the world. If you have already hosted a speaking event about St Jude’s we would love to hear about it, please contact us so we can thank you.

If you’d like to share the St Jude’s story, we can provide you with resources that make it easy.

Resources to get you started

Connect with your local Rotary Club

Rotary clubs worldwide have been instrumental in building and supporting The School of St Jude. Since 2002, St Jude’s has been a registered Rotary Australia World Community Service project and Rotarians continue to live up to their motto of ‘service above self’ through their passionate involvement.

If you have a local Rotary club, why not give them a call to see if you can speak at an upcoming meeting? We even have a special section in our speaking kit that advises about how to speak at your local Rotary club and a specific Rotary PowerPoint presentation that you can use which highlights the history of Rotary’s involvement with St Jude’s.
Our Rotarian history

Learning Resources

If you are a teacher or a book club member, we have prepared an extensive resource with ideas to get you started reading the book: The School That Hope Build.