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Where is The School of St Jude?
The School of St Jude is located in Arusha, Tanzania.

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When did St Jude’s start?
St Jude’s opened in 2002 with just three students. Now we educate 1,800 students across three schools and we support hundreds of graduates into higher education!
How do students receive St Jude’s scholarships?
Every year, St Jude’s offers academic scholarships to students who come from a considerably poor background, yet demonstrate academic promise and a great attitude towards studies. To achieve this, we conduct a fair and thorough scholarship application process.
I noticed that you opened a girls’ school. Why is that?
In Tanzania, girls receive fewer years of education on average, compared to boys. By opening St Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School we’re making more secondary places available to girls and increasing the likelihood of these girls staying in school.
How does the Tanzanian education system work?
Primary education in Tanzania is the first seven years of school; starting in Standard 1, students graduate from primary school in Standard 7.

The first four years of secondary school are called Ordinary Level (O Level) studies; from Form 1 to Form 4.

The final two years of secondary school in Tanzania are called Advanced Level (A Level); Form 5 and 6.
Does St Jude’s provide higher education?
The School of St Jude does not provide higher education. Instead we support our graduates with the funding they need to access higher education. We started the Beyond St Jude’s (BSJ) Program in 2015 to help our secondary school (Form 6) graduates start the next stage of their lives, while continuing to develop their leadership potential and community spirit. In 2021, the program was expanded to include our Form 4 graduates.
What special information should I know about St Jude’s?
St Jude’s operates according to the Tanzanian National Curriculum. According to the Curriculum students must pass exams in Standards 4 and 7 and Forms 2 and 4 in order to progress to higher year levels.
The Tanzanian school year runs from January to December for primary and O Level students and July to May for A Level students.
St Jude’s has 3 different schools; St Jude’s Primary School at Sisia Campus, Moshono; St Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School at Sisia Campus, Moshono; and St Jude’s Secondary School at Smith Campus, Usa River. Read about our schools here.
Does St Jude’s have a Child Protection Policy?
Yes. St Jude’s Child Protection Policy (CPP) is of utmost important to the school. Read our CPP.