Our Curriculum

A Holistic Education

St Jude’s students receive a values-driven, holistic education. Our school offers an enriched version of the Tanzanian National Curriculum where we balance academics, the arts, sport and technology with a foundation of strong values.

Our students regularly receive outstanding examination results, often appearing among the top 10 students in Tanzania. As a school, St Jude’s consistently places in the top 5% in the country based on national examination results.

The Tanzanian Education System

The country’s education system comprises five stages. The stages are:
1. Two years of pre-primary education (Awali).
2. Seven years of primary education (Standard 1 to Standard 7).
3. Four years of Ordinary Level (O Level) secondary education (Form 1 to Form 4).
4. Two years of Advanced Level (A Level) secondary education (Form 5 and Form 6) or two to three years of certificate or diploma program in college.
5. Two or more years of higher education.
At St Jude’s, we provide primary, O Level and A Level education. The academic year for primary and O Level runs from January to December, while the A Level academic calendar begins in July and ends in June.

We offer support for our secondary graduates completing higher education through Beyond St Jude’s.
TZ education system

Supplementary Subjects

To offer a truly holistic education St Jude’s supplements the national curriculum with additional subjects. We have classes in physical education (PE), art, music, religion, Information Communication Technology (ICT), English as a Second Language (ESL) and career guidance.

Through PE, our students learn to engage their bodies in the same way they engage their minds during mathematics or English. They establish healthy habits to carry throughout their lives.

In art and music, St Jude’s students discover new ways to express themselves. Our talented teachers show them the techniques they need and allow them to explore their creativity to create works of art and musical performances.
Our religion classes allow students to learn from the bible and develop a deeper understanding of Christianity.

ICT brings the world to our students. Our expert teachers and well equipped labs give students the skills they need to keep up with an ever-advancing world.

Our ESL classes are taught in addition to our English classes and aim to help our students reach an international standard of English competence. Students learn through in-person and online lessons.

For our older students, career guidance lessons are an invaluable tool to help them plan for higher education and a successful working life.


Academically, St Jude’s has a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The most pressing challenges faced by Tanzania and the world at large can be addressed through STEM, and it is our hope that our students will use their skills and knowledge to do so.

We encourage innovation in STEM in a variety of ways, including the highly anticipated annual Science Day, when students present their ideas and experiments for competition.


The national curriculum mandates examinations in key years; Standard 4, Standard 7, Form 2, Form 4 and Form 6.

Examinations in Standard 7, Form 4 and Form 6 are particularly important as they determine a student’s eligibility for the next scholarship stage. Students must attain a pass mark in these examinations to proceed at St Jude’s.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities (ECAs) are one of the things that make St Jude’s unique. Our students have the free time, resources and opportunities to expand their skills and develop new interests.

Students participate in ECAs as diverse as Computer Club, Tembo Club (anti-poaching), Shamba Project (shamba means farm in Kiswahili), Choir and Drama to name a few. Teachers take on mentor roles for the clubs.

St Jude’s students also enjoy twice weekly sport sessions in addition to their PE classes. During these sessions, students play sports including tennis, athletics, football, netball, rugby, martial arts and more. Sports are run by a team of more than 20 specialist coaches as well as staff.

St Jude's Core Values

At its heart, a St Jude’s education is a values-driven education. Our core values are Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness and we aim to impart these values in our students for life.
We are an inclusive community that values everyone equally, regardless of race, religion and gender. We give consideration to diverse opinions, and greet each other with the same dignity and welcoming spirit that we would appreciate in return.
We are accountable for our own actions, to ensure that the whole school community meets its mission of educating the moral and intellectual leaders of Tanzania. We take pride in caring for our school grounds and belongings, we manage our time well, and we actively help each other to improve.
We strive to be truthful, transparent and demonstrate integrity at all times. We graciously accept and welcome due praise, and constructive feedback, so that we may be good citizens with a heart for helping others.
We believe that compassion, support, empathy and a friendly smile can go a long way in showing care for others. We strive to approach each new day with hope and positivity, knowing that we are working together and fighting poverty through education.