Strategic Plan

Our compass for growth

Planning for the Future

Since its inception in 2002, The School of St Jude has been providing a free, quality education to bright, poor Tanzanian students with a drive to educate and nurture the next generation of moral and intellectual leaders. St Jude’s currently educates 1,800 students from Standard 1 to Form 6 across three schools. The addition of St Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School in January 2020 ensures that we have an even greater impact in fighting poverty through education, with more girls having access to a free, quality education.

We also support hundreds of graduates through higher education and provide more than 20,000 government school students with volunteer teachers each year through the Beyond St Jude’s (BSJ) Program. We intend for St Jude’s graduates to be respectful, responsible, honest and kind citizens, gainfully employed, capable of trustworthy leadership in local and national contexts and giving back to their school and communities.

In November 2019, St Jude’s proudly celebrated the first 24 Beyond St Jude’s university graduates.

Today, St Jude’s alumni are entering the workforce and are employed in various sectors including engineering, health, finance, business, banking and marketing. 11 alumni are currently employed at St Jude’s. 30 alumni are self-employed and have generated over 150 employment opportunities for other people.

In November 2021, St Jude’s will celebrate the graduation of our first eight doctors. This new milestone demonstrates the tenacity of our students and their efforts to reach their goals. Our alumni and their achievements exemplify the school’s vision.
Our vision
An educated community of moral and intellectual leaders; fighting poverty in Tanzania.
Our mission
Our mission is to give bright, poor Tanzanian students a free, quality education so they are able to lead their family, community and country with Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness to growth and prosperity.

Our strategic goals

The School of St Jude has developed a five-year strategic plan (2019-2023), with seven focus areas, to help implement its vision and mission as well as ensure its long-term sustainability as a charitable organisation.
Our schools will expand secondary school enrolment with the opening of a new O Level school for girls and the addition of more O Level places for boys, which will increase A Level enrolment.
Our students will be receiving a nation-leading and values-driven primary and secondary education.
Our graduates will be actively demonstrating moral and intellectual leadership in community service, higher education, employment and entrepreneurship.
Our supporters will be internationally diverse and have a strong commitment to giving and advocating for our vision, mission and approach.
Our organisation will have leadership and management that is locally driven, effective, transformative, adaptable and sustainable.
Our staff will be highly skilled, proactive and demonstrating our values with the majority of leadership positions held by Tanzanians
Our impact will be proven to empower our school community in fighting poverty through education.