Our Students

The next moral and intellectual leaders of Tanzania

St Jude’s offers full academic scholarships to students who come from a considerably poor background, yet demonstrate academic promise and a great attitude towards studies.

With support from our international family of supporters, St Jude’s students receive highly-qualified teachers, uniforms, food, water, transport, boarding, health and welfare support and learning resources. 60% of our students are female and we typically rank in the top 5% nationally. St Jude’s is a centre for academic excellence with a strong focus on students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields during their secondary education.

We have three schools filled with happy and healthy students: St Jude’s Primary School, St Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School and St Jude’s Secondary School. All of our secondary students are in boarding.

Following their graduation, 97% of St Jude’s secondary graduates go on to access higher education, supported by Beyond St Jude’s or by other means.

Who receives St Jude’s scholarships?

Every year, St Jude’s invites thousands of talented candidates from government schools across Northern Tanzania to attend our Scholarship Application Days.

The scholarship application process is highly competitive and involves both academic testing and poverty assessment. These steps ensure that the students who are offered scholarships are both underprivileged and academically talented. St Jude’s aims to offer scholarships to students who will benefit the most from free, quality education.
Our scholarship stages