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Academic Calendar

We lovevisitors!

Every year we welcome around 1,100 visitors to St Jude’s in Arusha, Tanzania.

As a visitor, you’ll see firsthand how the support of people from all over the world has built a school that is making a real difference. Our Visitor team can arrange a personalised and unforgettable itinerary, including accommodation. You’ll be welcomed to our three, highly resourced campuses, where we are changing the lives of 1,800 students, 300 staff and their families.
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Term Dates 2021
11 January - 26 March
Term One
27 March - 11 April
Midterm and Easter Break
12 April - 4 June
Term One
5 June - 4 July
Term One Break
5 July - 3 September
Term Two
4 September - 19 September
Midterm Break
20 September - 10 December
Primary Term Two
11 December - 10 January
Term Two Break and Christmas Shutdown
Important Dates 2021
1 January
New Years Day
12 January
Zanzibar Revolution Day
23 January
Parents Expectations / Reports - Primary & Girls'
29 January
Parents Expectations / Reports - Secondary
20 March
Form 5 Student Selection
1 April
Holy Thursday - Afternoon off
2 April
Good Friday
4 April
5 April
Easter Monday
7 April
Karume Day
26 April
Union Day
1 May
Workers Day
13 - 14 May
Eid El-Fitr (depends on the sighting of moon)
22 May
Form 6 Graduation
7 July
Saba Saba
20 July
Eid El-Adha (depends on the sighting of moon)
31 July
Student Selection - Standard 1 & 2
8 August
Nane Nane
9 October
Form 4 Celebration and Awards (Boys)
14 October
Mwalimu Nyerere Day
16 October
Form 4 Celebration and Awards (Girls)
19 October
Maulid Day (depending on sighting of moon)
29 October
St Jude's Day Celebration
13 November
Student Selection - Form One (Tentative)
27 November
Standard 7 Celebration and Awards Day
9 December
Tanzania Mainland Independence Day
17 December
All campuses closed until January 2022
18 December
Staff Party
25 December
26 December
Boxing Day
Upcoming Events

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