The School of St Jude is more than a school. It's a proven model to break the cycle of poverty, supporting families who would otherwise be left behind in the overall growth of the economy.

Our model has, and continues to be a circuit breaker, intervening through the power of education - impacting families, communities, and economic outcomes not just in the future, but today.

We call this Mawimbi. The ripples you create when you support St Jude’s.

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Our model

We provide 100% free, quality education to 1,800 high achieving children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Tanzania. This includes covering costs of uniforms, school supplies, food, boarding and transport to set children and families up for success. We are 100% funded by charitable donations and sponsorships thanks to kind Australians and our supporters around the world.

Why free education?

Our families on average earn AU$1.20 per day which is the internationally recognised extreme poverty line. Our data shows that parents often have to borrow or sell assets to the tune of AU$8,000 per year to support one child’s education.

That debt or loss of asset is the equivalent to almost one and a half times what they earn per year. Can you see how the cycle starts?

That’s why St Jude’s provides 100% free education.

What is Mawimbi?

Mawimbi is a Kiswahili word meaning ‘ripples’, and like ripples, the impact of a St Jude’s scholarship spreads out beyond a child, beyond a family and into a whole community. What we do is education, but the Mawimbi is much more. So join us on this journey as we dive into the ripple effects of St Jude’s.

What do we mean when we say ‘More Than Education’?

A St Jude’s scholarship is a free, quality education, but it’s not just that. The Mawimbi of a scholarship also means:
Avoiding cycles of debt for parents
Whole family learning and new opportunities
A reliable business partner for local suppliers
Employment opportunities for local staff
Safe and supportive environment eliminating student dropouts
Nourishing daily meals and annual health checks
Safe and reliable bus transport for higher school attendance
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Join us on this journey as we dive into the ripple effects of a St Jude’s scholarship on the parents, the suppliers and our alumni. It’s more than education. Together we are creating Mawimbi.


Over 20 years, our St Jude’s families have collectively saved AU$3.8M by having schooling costs covered by scholarships.

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Through The School of St Jude's local suppliers we support an additional 3,000 people each year.

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Our alumni are 12x more likely to go to higher education and have established enterprises that employ over 250 people.

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So what is the true Mawimbi of your donation?

Our data shows that for each year a student is at St Jude’s, their families on average improved their income by 15%. That’s not hope for the future. That’s not just hope of better job prospects. That’s real impact, today. Alleviating pressures at the core of the poverty cycle.