Mawimbi means financial, economical, and psychological relief for the parents of our students. This translates to tangible social and economic outcomes for families throughout their child’s tenure at St Jude’s.
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How can we make this claim? We’ve been looking at our impact and on average our St Jude’s parents save over AU$10,000 by having costs covered by scholarships for 13 years of schooling. These savings are in replacement of education costs that typically caused families to go into debt or sell their assets to a value almost one and a half times what they would earn in a year.

So what does this look like for the St Jude’s parents?

From the moment a student receives a scholarship at St Jude’s, their family immediately begins to save on expenses. This includes uniforms, tuition, transport, food, school supplies and health costs. It’s much more than education, it's helping families overcome financial pressures that perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

Let's dive into a story! Peter is the father, or Baba, to Emanuel, one of our students. Part of the Iraqw tribe from Northern Tanzania, their home in Karatu is around 150km's from the school. View Peter's story to see the impact on our parents!
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By sponsoring a scholarship, you are supporting more than one student. You are supporting an entire family, in fact for every one scholarship you are supporting up to 50 people; including staff and suppliers and their families. So, your one act of kindness starts Mawimbi or ‘ripples’ of change that makes a world of difference in people’s lives.

Sponsor a Scholarship

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So what is the true Mawimbi of your support of St Jude’s?

Our data shows that for each year a student is at St Jude’s they on average improved their income by 15%. That’s not hope for the future. That’s not the hope of better job prospects. That’s real impact. Today. Alleviating pressures at the core of the poverty cycle.