Mawimbi means community impact of about 50 people for each student scholarship at St Jude’s.
*Donations made to The School of St Jude are tax deductible in Australia
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Donate Today

For our 300 local suppliers, St Jude’s provides a regular source of income, benefiting from the AU$10M that we spend in the local economy per year. We create financial support for suppliers' entire families, who are sending their children to school and creating new job opportunities. This translates to each supplier hiring on average 5-10 other people and supporting 2-4 children in their family through to higher education! That is an extra 600+ children educated through your support!

Join our journey to see how one Mawimbi or ‘ripple’ can impact a whole community. When you support St Jude’s, you support more than education.

Meet Mr Obeshi

We've talked about the impact on our local suppliers but don't just take our word for it. Dive into Mr Obeshe's story as one of our suppliers and see the impact for yourself!

What we do is more than education, the impact is much bigger than one child.

Support our Suppliers

By supporting the school, you are supporting more than just the students. You are supporting an entire community. St Jude’s has over 300 local suppliers supplying goods and services to the school who in turn support an additional 3,000 Tanzanians both personally and through employment. That is the Mawimbi.

Be a part of the change

Your donation today creates Mawimbi, the ripple of impact that affects not only the students and families, but through our  our suppliers, the community at large. Your support not only provides our students with nutritious meals, but also local employment, financial improvement for small businesses and families in the community who benefit from our localised spending.

So what is the true Mawimbi of your support of St Jude’s?

Our data shows that for each year a student is at St Jude’s they on average improved their income by 15%. That’s not hope for the future. That’s not the hope of better job prospects. That’s real impact. Today. Alleviating pressures at the core of the poverty cycle.

Get to know about our Suppliers

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