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This Christmas you can help us renovate 20 primary classrooms. Also, we are trying something new… Not only can you donate to support us but you can also get all your Christmas shopping done and spread the love of St Jude’s with a charitable e-gift! All donated funds and Christmas gifts go towards our renovations! So, swap your traditional gifts for a special St Jude’s e-gift this Christmas.

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You can help us to transform our learning spaces for our students in 2024! This upgrade means new furniture, fresh paint and general upgrades to inspire our young, future leaders. Don’t just take our word for it, hear directly from one of our wonderful primary teachers, Ms Julieth, or our students, to understand the true impact of this project and your donation.

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I am excited to share that 20 classrooms at St Jude's will soon be renovated with new desks for students and teachers, fresh paint, and other repairs. Your gift this holiday season could get us there!

Mr Ndaki

Head Teacher - St Jude's Primary School

Christmas is almost upon us and here at St Jude’s we have you covered! Any donation to St Jude's can also be given as the perfect Christmas gift. Surprise your loved ones with an ethical, unique and meaningful gift! All donated funds and e-gifts go towards our renovations - it's the gift that keeps on giving... Find out how it works below.

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Student’s Chair

Quality handmade, hardwood student’s chair for comfortable learning.


Student's Chair

Student’s Desk

Quality handmade, hardwood student’s desk for taking all those notes!


Teacher's Setup

Set up for a teacher including desk with drawers and a chair.


Paint a Classroom

Bring a whole classroom to life with a colourful fresh paint job.


Full Classroom Renovation

Cover ALL costs of a classroom renovation for a fresh start to 2024!


Having new desks, chairs, and fresh paint for our classrooms could go a long way to boosting the morale of our students – and teachers! Especially since some of our classrooms are in need of a bit of colour, and after many years of rough use, some furniture needs replacing. That’s why we are all excited about this project.

Ms Julieth

Primary school teacher

The upcoming renovated classrooms will be a huge source of motivation for our students and teachers. They will not only look and feel better, but will help us continue giving a more holistic education for many years to come.

Mr Ndaki

Head Teacher - St Jude's Primary School

How to donate as an e-gift this Christmas

Thinking about making an e-gift this year? We’re happy to hear! A St Jude’s e-gift means you are putting your Christmas shopping dollars towards a good cause and a meaningful gift. It’s a memorable way to celebrate this Christmas!

Simply select a package of your choice (or a general donation) and proceed to checkout. Tick the option “I would like to gift this” (you will find it as you scroll down after adding your details). After payment confirmation you will receive a special card design in your inbox that you can print and share with the lucky recipient!

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Want to make an even bigger impact?

Your gift this holiday season can touch even more lives by supporting our major projects. Major project gifts help us improve our infrastructure to provide students with all they need for a successful education. If you are looking to make an even bigger impact with your gift this holiday season, we would love to collaborate with you on just the right project to suit you!  Please email Gemma, directly to have a chat about a project that aligns with your goals this end of year.