May 10, 2023

The First of Many

Revisiting the first Form 6 graduation as St Jude’s celebrates its largest graduating class ever

The School of St Jude held it’s first Form 6 graduation in 2015. Eight more graduations have since followed that inaugural ceremony. Although each graduation is different and special in its own way, this year’s graduation is the first of its kind as it will feature the largest number of graduates ever! 210 graduates will celebrate this incredible milestone. 

There are three key stages of school in Tanzania; seven years of primary school from Standard 1 to Standard 7, then four years of secondary school from Form 1 to Form 4 in Ordinary Level (O Level) studies, and finally the final two years of secondary school, Form 5 and 6 in Advanced Level (A Level) studies. 

As we gear up towards our largest Form 6 graduation ceremony yet, let’s take a look through history at some of our earlier graduation ceremonies. A lot has changed over the years but the spirit of celebration and a feeling of accomplishment continues. 


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