Our Impact

The impact of a St Jude’s education is felt beyond our students and graduates

St Jude's Theory of Change

A St Jude’s education is life-changing for our students. In the short term, it improves school attendance, health and academic results and in time increases a student’s chance to access higher education, improves their family’s financial situation and nurtures leadership and life skills.

St Jude’s Theory of Change tracks the impact of a St Jude’s education on students, alumni, families and surrounding communities.

What is the problem?

Children in Arusha and surrounding regions are living in poverty and lack access to quality education. There are almost 17,000 primary schools in Tanzania, but less than 800 secondary schools that offer A Level (the final two years of secondary school) studies. 74.3% (approx. 75%) of the Tanzanians live on less than $3.65, equivalent to 5.60 AUS as per today's exchange rate.

What do we do?

We provide free, quality education that includes:
Qualified and well-resourced teachers
Learning resources and classroom essentials
Extra-curricular activities
School uniforms
Daily nutritious meals
Health and welfare support
Annual medical checks

This changes students’ lives by:

Improving school attendance
Improving academic results
Improving health and well-being
Providing life and leadership skills
Alleviating families’ financial burden
Increasing opportunities to pursue higher education
Improving knowledge and skills of their family members
Providing a values based education

To create graduates who are:

Empowered to make informed choices about their futures
Able to continue to higher education
Sharing skills and knowledge with their families
Engaging their communities in bringing positive change
Sharing school values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness

Together, we can fight poverty through education

It’s only possible for St Jude’s to positively impact students, alumni, families and surrounding communities because of supporters like you!

You can help light the way to a brighter future for our students as a sponsor or donor.

Furthering our impact

A St Jude’s education impacts a student’s family too. Students help their siblings in their studies and grow to support their parents. As students progress through their St Jude’s education, their families’ situations begin to improve. We’ve seen 100% of our graduates’ families overcome extreme poverty and our alumni emerging as role models in their communities.
St Jude’s impact reaches further than students’ families, to the communities where our graduates live, study and work. Many of our graduates take part in our Beyond St Jude’s Community Service Program, during which they volunteer in government schools.

These volunteers have taught more than 112,000 government school students since 2015. Moreover, 97% of St Jude’s secondary graduates go on to access higher education, supported by Beyond St Jude’s or by other means. St Jude’s alumni are now entering Tanzania’s workforce, employing others and continuing to fight poverty through education.
Our program for graduates

Our local community

In addition, St Jude’s has had a positive impact on our local community in Arusha. The School of St Jude employs approximately 300 local staff including teachers, administration staff, IT professionals, bus drivers, cooks and cleaners, whose salaries support their families. St Jude’s students enjoy meals made from produce grown by local farmers, wear uniforms made by local tailors and learn in buildings built by local tradespeople.

Our annual operating budget for 2024 is AU$10million. Each year, we inject this budget into the local economy, spending it throughout Tanzania.