Your donation or sponsorship at St Jude’s is fueling change. It drives students to reach their full potential and succeed through free, quality education.

The 2024 financial year has ended. However, you can still donate today and fuel change with St Jude’s.
*Donations made to The School of St Jude are tax deductible in Australia
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Our AU$800,000 target is fully matched!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we have reached the finish line.

If you haven’t had a chance to donate and missed the opportunity to match – you can still donate today and fuel change with St Jude’s.

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Why Fuelling Change

Fuelling Change is at the core of our model and how we create lasting impact. It's about supporting students to embark on a path to success through Access, Opportunity, and Freedom that comes with free, quality education. Join us on this journey and see for yourself the profound impact of your support by meeting Ruth and her mother, Fatuma, Long’ida and David!

Let’s fuel the change together.

Fuelling Change Through Access

Fuelling change is removing barriers to accessing education. At St Jude's, this means more than just providing 100% free tuition to our students. It involves getting them through the school gates and ensuring they are supported to overcome the complex social and environmental barriers that often lead to students dropping out.

Join Ruth and her mother to understand how your donation towards transport helps families like theirs! Then, meet Fatuma, a boarding student, to discover the impact of your sponsorship firsthand.

Transport for a week

By generously donating AU$50, you are supporting the safe and reliable transportation of students for a school week!


Sponsor a scholarship

Ensure one of our students can receive a quality education, even while currently studying at home, by becoming the sole sponsor of their academic scholarship.


Food for a month

By generously donating AU$100, you are supporting the school meals for a student for a month.


Buy a school laptop

Your generous donation of AU$1250 directly supports our holistic education by providing one of our students or teachers with a brand-new computer. This includes the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining the equipment.

Our ICT programs enable our students to explore their talents and passions, and develop critical thinking skills that will help them thrive in a technologically driven future.


Fuelling Change Through Opportunity

Fuelling change is providing opportunities that set students up to succeed. At St Jude's, we fuel change by providing a holistic education that addresses the needs of the whole child, not just their academic needs. By supporting their health and nutrition we enable them to make the most out of every opportunity at school. Join us in fuelling change through Opportunity!

Meet Long’ida, a Form 5 student, and see how your support of holistic education makes a difference! Plus, hear from Philip, our Community Relations Manager, about how your donations for healthy food aid student success!

Fuelling Change Through Freedom

Fuelling change is paving the way to higher education and providing support to our graduates as they embark on a self-determined future. Through the Beyond St Jude's Scholarship Program (BSJSP), our graduates enter the workforce debt-free, armed with a wealth of skills and knowledge. This empowers them to pursue fulfilling careers, launch innovative businesses, and start making a positive impact in their communities.

Meet David Denis, a BSJSP Tertiary Scholar, demonstrating the profound impact of your support for Beyond St Jude’s! Whether you donate to the mentoring of our scholars or sponsor a Tertiary Scholarship directly, see the remarkable successes your generosity enables!

Step forward and fuel change through Freedom today!

Tertiary scholar mentoring for a year

Your kind donation of AU$500 supports the mentorship of a tertiary scholar for a year. It covers mental health checks every semester, face-to-face visits with our Beyond St Jude’s (BSJ) team, and additional academic and non-academic support.

Your support fuels our scholars' pursuit of their higher education, providing them with everything they need to thrive and reach their potential.


Tertiary sole sponsorship

Provide higher education to a BSJ scholar and help them become one of Tanzania’s future leaders by sponsoring the full amount of their scholarship. Your sponsorship will cover the cost of tuition and exam fees, accommodation, learning resources and living expenses.


Hop on! Let's take you on a journey.

Fuelling Change from the Ground Up

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