August 23, 2018

You Held Their Hands

Meet the students who led you through our 2018 Annual Appeal.

We spoke to the students involved in one of our most successful fundraising campaigns. Read about the impact it had on them. 

Student 1: Lina

Student 1: Lina
Grade: Form 6

Career Ambition: Human Rights Leader

1. What would you like to say to the Appeal donors? 

Lina: Thank you! They should keep up with the same spirit. One thing they should keep in mind is that they are investing in us and in the future they will see how the students they support will change the world. St Jude’s isn’t a small thing. It’s unique and the time will come when they will see real doctors, lawyers, scientists and others who can help our country. 


Student 2: Theresia
Grade: Standard 6
Career Ambition: Teacher

2. How did it feel to be on camera? 

Theresia: I felt grateful because I knew that I was doing it in order for us to get more supporters for all St Jude’s students. I felt good and trust myself that I can talk in front of people without regarding who the message reaches. 

3. How do you feel when you know many people want to support your school? 

Theresia: I am excited because there are many more Tanzanian children who need help. 

Lina:  I feel very good since I know that many students who come from poor economic conditions are going to be supported. Many dreams are going to be achieved and most of all, the school is going to get more graduates who will help the school in the future. I also feel many people trust and believe in us. It encourages me to study harder so I cannot let down people who trust and believe in my abilities. 


Student 3: Amani
Graduating Class: 2016
Career Ambition: Medicine

Amani graduated with the Class of 2016. A key protagonist in our alumni program, he is a driven leader who leaves a positive impression on everyone he encounters. 

It is little wonder he was our Marketing team’s first choice to be one of the faces of the ‘helping hand’ campaign video. His success as a St Jude’s graduate is a heartwarming tale of fighting poverty through education. 

In 2005, Amani was selected for a St Jude’s primary scholarship — he was 10 years old. Little did he know how much he would accomplish in the next 13 years!

Amani is now a university student at Africa University in Zimbabwe. He received a scholarship through St Jude’s partnership with the MasterCard Foundation and African Leadership Academy. 

“I could never have dreamed of going to university before I came to St Jude’s. I was just focused on getting to secondary school. Then I realised on the day of Form 6 Graduation that my dream was coming true,” Amani said. 

Theresia, Lina and Amani, as the faces of our campaign, symbolise the success of St Jude’s. We can expect great things from these young people in years to come!


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