Here are the top 10 reasons to join The School of St Jude's Ultimate Kilimanjaro Challenge.

1. To have a strong excuse to get off the couch, get moving, and get in shape. 

2. To stop putting off your dream of going to Africa. 

3. To stand atop Africa's highest mountain, take in heart-stopping views and lose yourself in the spiritual experience. 

4. To visit a paradisiac corner of Tanzania, home not only to the Kilimanjaro, but also to the best known safari parks on     the planet.  

5. To visit the semi-nomadic Maasai communities of Northern Tanzania. 

6. To have a chance to run a 5K or a marathon in The School of St Jude's Ultimate Kilimanjaro Challenge, kicking off in February 2014. 

7. To help St Jude's fight poverty through a free, top-notch education to 1600+ Tanzanian girls and boys. 

8. To embrace the opportunity of six days of moderate hikes, as the Kilimanjaro is not a steep climb. It is formed by relatively flat layers and other materials.  

9 To have life-long bragging rights.

Help us complete the tenth reason: 10....