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Your donation to St Jude’s is fuelling change. It supports students to thrive, reach their potential, and impact communities through free, quality education.

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We have built an education system that typically ranks in the top 10% nationally.

Who are we?

The School of St Jude is a pioneering leader in charitable education within Africa. Our Founder, Gemma Sisia, opened the school in 2002 with a big dream to bring the opportunity of free, quality education to children living in poverty. This remains our mission today.

We provide free education to 1,800 bright, poor primary and secondary students, we support 100s of graduates with access to higher education and provide more than 20,000 government school students with volunteer teachers each year. 97% of St Jude’s secondary graduates go on to access higher education, supported by Beyond St Jude’s or by other means. Located across three campuses, we provide boarding for all secondary students and employ around 300 Tanzanian staff.

St Jude’s promotes a holistic, well-rounded education so our students can do more than just succeed; we empower them to challenge the status quo, find solutions to assist the 45 million Tanzanians living in poverty and become the future leaders their country needs.

100% of St Jude’s students and scholars are on scholarships.
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100% of our students and scholars are on scholarships.

How can you help?

St Jude’s a registered charity and international non-governmental organisation (iNGO). Thanks to our generous community of supporters, we are able to provide education to thousands of primary, secondary and higher education students.

If you’d like to join our community of supporters and help us continue providing free, quality education to the future leaders of Tanzania, you can sponsor an academic scholarship, make a once-off or recurring donation  or spread the word about St Jude’s.
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