Planning for the future

Since its inception in 2002, The School of St Jude has been providing a free, quality education to bright, poor Tanzanian students with a drive to educate and nurture the next generation of moral and intellectual leaders.

St Jude’s currently educates 1,800 students from Standard 1 to Form 6 across three schools. We are also supporting 100’s of graduates into higher education and providing 30,000+ Tanzanians with quality teaching each year. The addition of the St Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School in January 2020 ensures that we have an even greater impact in fighting poverty through education, with more girls having access to a 100% free, quality education.
After the completion of secondary studies, graduates can apply to receive additional support through the Beyond St Jude’s program. We intend for St Jude’s graduates to be respectful, responsible, honest and kind citizens, gainfully employed, capable of trustworthy leadership in local and national contexts, giving back to the school and their communities.
In November 2019, we celebrated our first cohort of Beyond St Jude’s tertiary scholars graduating from university. Several of the 24 scholars secured employment in Tanzania soon after completing their Bachelor’s degree. This new milestone demonstrates the tenacity of our students, and their efforts to reach their goals. This, in turn, helps us fulfill the mission and vision of the school.
Our team of over 300 local and international staff, together with our international family of supporters, are working hard to ensure that The School of St Jude achieves its status of becoming a Centre of Excellence for teaching and learning in East Africa and a model for fighting poverty through education.
The School of St Jude has developed a five-year strategic plan (2019-2023), with seven focus areas, to help implement its vision and mission as well as ensure its long-term sustainability as a charitable organisation.

Our goals for the next five years

St Jude's Girls' Secondary School was officially opened on 10 January 2020.
Some of our first 24 Beyond St Jude’s university graduates.

Our schools will expand secondary school enrolment with the opening of a new O Level school for girls and addition of more O Level places for boys which will increase A Level enrolment.

Our students will be receiving a nation-leading and values-driven primary and secondary education.

Our graduates will be actively demonstrating moral and intellectual leadership in community service, higher education, employment and entrepreneurship.

Our supporters will be internationally diverse and have a strong commitment to giving and advocating for our vision, mission and approach.

Our organisation will have leadership and management that is locally driven, effective, transformative, adaptable and sustainable.

Our staff will be highly skilled, proactive and demonstrating our values with the majority of leadership positions held by Tanzanians.

Our impact will be proven to empower our school community in fighting poverty through education.

I love my work as an ESL Instructor at St Jude’s. The classes are lively and the teachers are keen to advance their English skills. It is so rewarding to know that by helping to improve the teachers’ level of English it will in turn help the many children they teach.

Diane Ward, former ESL volunteer, Christchurch, New Zealand