December 16, 2023

Bridging the Gap to Excellence

St Jude’s graduates receive key training ahead of their university studies.

Words of Wisdom: Francis shares valuable insights with the graduates.

In a world that demands both academic excellence and holistic personal development, students at The School of St Jude excel at both thanks to pre-university training hosted and facilitated by the Beyond St Jude's (BSJ) team annually.

The training aims to prepare secondary school graduates for a journey of self-discovery and growth.

“A pre-university training program like this gives students a much-needed perspective and preparation as they venture into their next stage of academic life,” shares Francis, one of the facilitators of the training.

"I remember when I was at university, such programs were not provided. Nobody guided me on what to study, which university to go to, or how life was going to be,” says Francis.

At St Jude’s, the majority of secondary school graduates opt to join BSJ ahead of their university studies. In the program, they undertake a year of community service where they volunteer to teach at different understaffed government schools or at various non-teaching placements within the school. This further equips them with real-life experiences and skills such as public speaking, time management, patience and resilience.

"Our students have been well guided throughout their time at St Jude's," reflects Francis, adding, “We have a trained psychologist who mentors them remotely, providing invaluable support for their emotional and psychological well-being while they are at the university."

Soaking It Up: Graduates paying attention during one of the sessions.

The training covered a wide array of topics, addressing the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that await these students at university and beyond. Topics ranged from understanding the structure of universities and grading systems to fostering healthy lifestyles and relationships in the university environment. Graduates also delved into issues like mental health awareness, financial literacy, and personal branding in the age of social media.

"I am grateful for the training I received, which has prepared me for a successful university experience," says Saraphina a St Jude’s graduate attending the training.

“My favourite part was the self-awareness activity that we did,” shares Saraphina. “It helped me realise the importance of personal branding and how other people can describe me outside my room,” she adds.

Also sharing his views is John, another St Jude’s graduate, soon-to-be a university scholar. John believes the training serves as a useful orientation to life at university and complements his research at different universities. “We reviewed the prospectus of different universities and studied their rules and regulations,” says John. “This has helped us to know which environment we can be in; how can we study and how can we choose friends. So, the training is very useful and I’m excited to take on the challenges of university life,” he adds.

Learning from the Best: Gloria, St Jude’s Marketing, Strategy and Social Impact Team Lead shares her experiences with graduates.

The training also involved external mentors such as university lecturers, psychologists, St Jude's alumni currently at the university, and St Jude’s staff who offered a broader perspective on crucial topics.

Pre-university training plays into the school’s commitment to shaping well-rounded, confident, and capable leaders who are not only academically proficient but also equipped to tackle life's challenges head-on. As these graduates embark on their next academic journey, they bring a wealth of values and skills to help them make a lasting impact on their communities and beyond.


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